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Another Shoe Casualty - Sigh!

Thursday, October 24, 2013
Retiring two pairs of shoes in just over a week really sucks. The latest casualty was my Saucany Virratas. I realized that something was up at the end of the ATM when my knee was bugging me. I honestly thought that they were still too new to be retired. Then I looked up when I purchased them - it was March - and how many miles I had on them - it was close to if not over 500 miles.  How the hell did I manage to rack up that kind of mileage? 

I guess the up side is that I've been sticking with it and getting in the miles.  On the down side, I need another pair of running shoes. Ok...maybe that's not a negative. I like shoe shopping. None the less, before I go running out to buy that pair of Saucany Ride 6s that I have my eye on, I'm going to give the Newtons that I've had hiding in my closet another go. If I still don't like them, I may take my running bud Trish's advice and use them as beer koozies, or in my case, an insulated rum & coke reserve. 

I'll let you know if I have to hit the liquor store or not. 

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