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Hey Michelle! Michelle? Guess what day it is... EXPO DAY!

Saturday, October 19, 2013
Just when I thought I had left the DC Armory, never to return...I find out the the Army Ten Miler (ATM) expo is being held in the very same place. 

Considering that this is my first real expo, I came away with the following lessons learned:

First - Taking the metro down was a brilliant idea and a ton of fun.  It dumped us out right by the DC Armory. Kudos to my awesome running buds for suggesting it.

Second - I should have actually ate before I left that morning so I wouldn't have spent the entire expo thinking about my stomach and wondering when we'd be getting food. I am guilty of threatening to eat the weakest among the pack if we didn't get to food soon. 

Third - I am glad I didn't bring the AMEX with me or I'd have been in a lot of trouble. 

Fourth - A running expo equals an awesome girls day in DC. 

Finally - If you buy anything at the expo, you should examine the packaging before you go wandering around DC with it or your friends will shoot pictures of you and poke fun at your expense. I was not the one that made the mistake, but I was definitely one of the ones enjoying a good laugh. 
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