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MCM Motivation! OOHRAH!

Sunday, October 27, 2013
I got up this morning excited for all of my friends running in the MCM. They have worked so hard for this and each and every one of them serves as an inspiration to me - motivation to keep pushing forward. 

What better time to kick off a new phase in my training than today and what better way to hold myself accountable than through this blog. 

Shirt from the Blue Ridge Mountain
Marathon that I must earn before I can
wear it!
So here's the goals:

  1. Complete the Philadelphia Half Marathon
  2. Increase muscle tone and flexibility 
  3. Increase core and leg strength for item #5
  4. Drop some of the extra weight I've gained (I have no desire to carry any more weight than necessary during item #5) 
  5. Conquer the Blue Ridge Mountain Half Marathon in 2014 (I was gifted a shirt and need to earn it before I can wear it!)
  6. Be in the best shape possible to kick off my MCM training in 2014
Here's the how:
  1. Diet is key - so lifestyle change is in order (so long refined sugars and starches, hello healthy proteins and veggies)
  2. Maintaining my running schedule and maintaining mileage for a half marathon slowly building to metric marathon
  3. Boot Camp to restart my gym routine
  4. I foresee a relationship with a stair climber in my future
  5. Posting all of my successes and shortcomings here on a regular basis
To all of my Sole Sisters and Brothers out their running the MCM right now - I refuse to wish you luck; you don't need it!  You have trained hard for this. Trust in that training and kick asphalt!  You all rock. 

Time to knock out eight miles. 
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