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H.I.I.T. - at least I didn't throw up!

Thursday, November 7, 2013
There are moments when my spontaneity definitely gets the best of me. Yesterday morning was one of those moments. 

I had heard about a boot camp style fitness class (H.I.I.T - High Intensity Interval Training) at the gym from my running bud, Lisa. It is scheduled for Monday evenings and did not sound too bad, so I was interested. I figured that once the half marathon was behind me, I would give it a try. Sensible - right? 

Since my Tuesday morning cross training had gotten waylaid, I made it a point to be up bright and early in morning to hit the gym and get in my upper body and core rounds. I'm not a huge fan of doing upper body work (probably because I have no upper body strength...which is because I hate doing upper body work...it's a vicious cycle). Despite hating it, I was determined to get it done! So with towel, water, and iPod in hand, I made my way to the gym. Yay me! I checked in and figured, what the heck...why not ask about that H.I.I.T. class. It would be good to get a little more information about it before I go running into it in a couple of weeks - right? Don't want to show up without the necessary equipment - right? 

I was not expecting to hear that there was a class at 5:30 that very morning. I also was not expecting to march my butt into it either. Nevertheless, I did and it was not pretty. 

The instructor was a sweetheart and totally encouraging when I explained that I was 1.) new, 2.) uncoordinated, and 3.) an overall mess. Off to a good start. I assembled my necessary tools for the morning's class plan: a step platform, a yoga mat, hand weights, a bar with weights, and some nifty slidey things that remind me of what you use to slide furniture across the floor. Some of the other ladies in the class were kind enough to tell me what to get. Still off to a good start. Then the class began.

The instructor starts off the class by going over the class structure. Three to four rounds composed of a series of exercises each lasting 30 seconds with a 15 second break in between each exercise. Doesn't sound too bad - right? Then he broke down the static portion of the round - the part that doesn't change in each round. 
  • Floor jacks - a demo was provided
  • Box jump, burpee, push-up - again a demo was provided
  • Mountain climber with slidey things - another demo
  • oh hey...what was that outside the class...oh crap...what were the next exercises? Oh no...I missed a few exercises. Damn you ADHD. OMG we are starting... wait...where is everyone going... run the what? stairs? I've got this...I can run hills...so I can run stairs. Pffft...piece of cake. 
Down the stairs. Up the stairs. Down the corridor. Up the corridor. Back to the stairs. Two or three rounds then, what...jump up the stairs. Ok, I've got it. Bear walk down the corridor. No problem. Back down the stairs. Jump up the stairs, crab walk...on we went. Holy cow, this is just the warm up. 

On to the room and the start of round one. Floor jacks - I've got this. Fifteen second break. Box jump - I need some work. Burpee - hate them. Push-up - I have no upper body strength. Fifteen second break. Wow that time went quick. Mountain climber...ok here is the point that I turn into a bad "I Love Lucy" episode. Hands on the floor, feet on the sliders, left leg forward/back, right leg/forward back. Hey wait...legs not cooperating. Oh no...both slide back simultaneously until I fall face first onto the floor. Don't think anyone noticed - who am I kidding, I think the instructor even chuckled. On through the rest of the series. Jumping. Leg lifts. On to upper body with the weights. I have this. Awesome. 

Round two - back through the cycle - Why is fifteen seconds so short. I am dying here - walk it off - walk it off. Left. Left. Ooops..other Left. More arms. I've never been so grateful for more arms. I get to lay down to do arms. Yes!

Round three - back through the cycle again - oh I feel like crap - deep breaths - I can do this - I will not throw up - I will not throw up - Yes! More arms...wait...we're standing up this time. Just let me die. Lift. Lift. Lift. "Move the weight in front of you." Lift. Lift. Lift. "Move the weight to in FRONT of you!" Lift...oh WHAT? He is talking to me? Ugh. Lift. Lift. Oh thank you lord..back to the floor. 

Wait...a forth round? OMG. No wait, it is optional. People are packing up. I am SAVED!! Never been so grateful for the option to stop and go get ready for work. Yay! Work. 

Suffice to say that once I got home and ate...I actually started to consider going back next week. We'll see though...for right now I need someone to come hold my coffee up to my mouth since I can't use my arms. 

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