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EnergyBits - Ok, I'm a Believer!

Sunday, December 1, 2013
As a runner and a woman with chronic fatigue syndrome, which happens to get worse with the reduced light levels in the fall/winder, I am always on the hunt for something to help boost my energy levels. Naturally, when Journey to Fit & Healthy hosted contest for a free sample of energybits, I jumped on the opportunity but really held on to little hope that I would actually win. I am one of those...never wins anything kinda Gals. In fact, I didn't even think twice about the contest after I entered it because I never win anything. 

Well, bless Lori's (the author at Journey to Fit & Healthy) heart.  She tracked me down and informed me that I had, in fact, won. That alone made my day...heck...my week, even. Of course, I happily provided her with my mailing information and patiently awaited the arrival of my package from energybits which arrived yesterday.  Yay!!!

Naturally, I couldn't wait to try them and this morning's Cold Turkey 10k race was a perfect opportunity to give them a shot. 

Now before I get into my experience, let me say that I had low expectations. It was not because I didn't trust the product; that was not the case at all. I just have had very little success with anything that claims to increase your energy levels. Heck, 5 Hour Energy drink hits its half life on me at around 30 minutes...I am also certain it is terrible for my stomach, but that is a whole other story.

Anyway, I made it a point to be up bright and early this morning (not that I had a choice because I didn't sleep well.) I wanted to be sure that I read over everything and followed the suggested use so I could rule out user error when these things didn't work...because I KNEW they wouldn't work. Ok...maybe I should just stop jumping to conclusions.

The suggested serving was at least 30 tabs 10-15 minutes before you run (you can use them any time actually but this is the suggested timing before a run.) They also said that you just swallow them and that chewing them was an "acquired taste." I could understand why. Upon opening the tin I discovered little green pills. This wasn't surprising since they are made from spirulina algae. No, it was the smell. It was a bit fishy, which made sense since algae comes from the sea. 

I shook my 30 tabs out of the tin and into my palm looking the over a bit. Then washed them down with some water and went about my business. Again, I was not really expecting anything to happen. 

About a half hour passed when I realized it was time to get my butt over to the starting line. I guess that was when I noticed how alert I felt. Not a jittery alert, a calm and focused alert. Wow, that was different. 

The race started and I continued to feel good; great even. I powered up hills, which is normal for me, but I didn't seem to fatigue as much on the ups as I normally do and boy were there a good number of hills. I'll give a race recap once the results are in and I have the pics.

The biggest difference was how I felt after the race, which was amazing. I normally finish any race spent and ravenous. This was not the case afterwards. I still had a ton of energy to burn and really wasn't starving. 

If that isn't enough, I took them at 7:45 this morning and it is almost 3:00pm now. I am still going strong and about to tackle a bunch of stuff around the house. I can't wait to try them out next weekend on a ten mile run.

Looks like energybits has made me a believer. Come on payday...I need to pick up a bag of these. 

Don't believe me? Well give them a shot. They are only available online, so swing by their site at www.energybits.com

In the mean time, check out their nutritional information per serving. A lot of goodness packed into a one ingredient item.


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