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Influenster: Jolly VoxBox Review

Saturday, December 21, 2013

So I have been a wee bit of a slacker lately with some of my regular activities due to work, not having MY car (I really don't like driving the rental,) and playing catch up on some stuff. I have managed to knock out a few things though. I have gotten on board with a personal trainer. I will share more on that in a later post. I got my classes picked out for the coming semester. UGH...dreading that. I have also set up a blog calendar to help my get in a better writing routine. Saturdays, will be getting dedicated to product reviews as I have them...I happen to have one today.

As a member of the Influenster Blogger Network, I have the honor of receiving cool goodie boxes - known as VoxBoxes - chocked full of cool stuff to try and review. In this particular VoxBox, seasonally titled the "Jolly VoxBox," I received the following:

  • SkinnyCow Divine Filled Chocolates in Peanut Butter Creme
  • NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow - 781 Long Beach Sands 
  • Rimmel London Lip Lacquer - 101 Celestial
  • Duck Brand Mini Ducklings Duck Tape
  • Puffs Plus Lotion To Go

Yesterday, I was off from work so that I could head to Philadelphia to pick up Tawanda, my Honda CRV from the body shop. I threw the VoxBox assortment into my bag as I ran out the door, figuring that the hour and a half train ride would be a good opportunity to try out these items. 

At the train station, I didn't waste anytime trying my first item. The cool air brought on a runny nose so I grabbed the Puffs. I never use the ones with lotion so this was something different for me. I will have to say, I really liked the softness the lotion gave the tissues.  I especially like the fact that there was a faint scent of menthol. The compact size of the packaging allowed the tissues to slip into one of my smaller purse pockets.  I also realized that these are compact enough to slip into my pockets of my SparkleSkirts with out any real bulk. I've got allergies year round so I always run with some kind of tissues. 
Like I said, I hand an hour and a half train ride so I saved my makeup for the train. The NY Color Trio is great. I loved the colors I received. I'm partial to a more natural palette. The applicator that came with it was a little to small for my taste so I ditched it and grabbed one of my brushes. The colors went on easily and looked great.  I will definitely continue to use this item. I may even head out to see what other colors it is available in. 

As for the Rimmel Lip Lacquer, I was not entirely sure about the color and that is still the case. I like the applicator and feel of the product on my lips but once on, you can catch a hint of its flavor, which I am not particularly fond of. I am sure I can get over that. Oh...as of today, the color may be starting to grow on me. 

My train ride arrived on schedule to the Philadelphia Amtrak station. I was happy to find that they had it decorated for Christmas. I snapped a quick picture of their tree before I grabbed a cab to the body shop.
Once I got my car, I found myself stuck in a parking locked. Actually I was blocked in by two delivery trucks and a police car. No seriously, I was there for about 40 minutes waiting for them to move. While I waited I grabbed a pack of the SkinnyCow Chocolates and gave them a try. When all else fails, eat chocolate. I am not a huge fan of milk chocolate but these were still pretty good. The chocolate was smooth and creamy and melted in your mouth like some of the other brands do. The peanut butter creme was also very creamy but I feel that it could use a little more flavor to it because it was more like caramel than peanut butter. Still good though. While it wasn't the ideal choice to curb my hunger while I waited for these people to move their vehicles, it wasn't terrible either at only 130 calories for the three pieces in the package.

That leaves the Duck Brand Duck Tape. I honestly do not have anything that I need to put this on at this time but I am a fan of Duck Brand Duck Tape. What I like about this product at this point is its size. It is small and compact. I can toss it into my toiletry bag when I travel and it won't take up much room. I actually do travel with a roll of duck tape normally. It is handy for quick luggage fixes. Have you ever retrieved your bag at baggage claim only to find that it has a HUGE rip in it? Well, if you had duck tape with you you could just slap some on it. I also keep some in my gym/running bag. It is nice for covering the toes of your running shoes in the event of rain.


  • SkinnyCow Divine Filled Chocolates in Peanut Butter Creme - These were good but not something I would buy myself.
  • NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow - I really loved this pallet, the colors, the textures, etc and would buy this for myself.
  • Rimmel London Lip Lacquer - I am still not 100% sold on this item but it is growing on me
  • Duck Brand Mini Ducklings Duck Tape - I like the size change of this item and will be grabbing a few of these for stashing in my bags for quick fixes.
  • Puffs Plus Lotion To Go - I love these. I even added a box of the "Plus Lotion" to my shopping list for the weekend. When you have my allergies, you can not go without having tissues around.
On a side note, my truck goes back into the shop on Monday. It is not "right" yet. At least it is home though and it will not require another train ride to retrieve it. With any luck, it will be a quick fix and I will have it back on Monday after noon. Fingers crossed. 

The Federal Trade Commission requires that I state the following at the end of blog posts of this nature: "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes." 
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