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Runner Resolutions or My 2014 Fitness Goals

Friday, December 27, 2013
As a member of the Annapolis Striders, one of the membership perks is free training. I take advantage of this. It holds me accountable for showing up, keeps me moving, and keeps me motivated. It is also a great chance for me to learn more. One year under my belt just makes me a more experienced novice as far as I am concerned. 

I know this is what I look like when I run.
Saturday, January 4th kicks off our first scheduled training run for the Winter Half Marathon Training Program. I am so excited, I can not stand myself. Since my training weeks start on Mondays, I decided that I would make Monday, December 30th the kick off day for Winter Training. That is close enough to the New Year for me so why not review my 2014 Runner Resolutions or - because resolutions typically end in failure - my 2014 Fitness Goals. They are in no particular order other than how they came to mind as I wrote them.

#1) Mileage: I am shooting for an end of year mileage of at least 1,500 miles. Should be fairly easy. This means that I will need to actually keep track of my miles on a regular basis. I didn't do that last year...really didn't care about it then. I will keep a log here, on my blog. You guys can help keep me accountable.  

#2.) Races: Six half marathons in 2014 to be sepcific. I already have four planned. They include: Blue Ridge Half, Frederick Half, Marine Corps Historic Half, and the Baltimore Running Festival Half. I'm sure I can pick up two more over the course of the year. 

#3) Fitness: I need to tone up, or as I prefer to call it - fight the effects of gravity on my assets. If I am going to get through, or rather over, Blue Ridge and also go on to run five other halves and one possible full, I need to get this butt of mine in better shape. Oh sure, it has a shape now...something close to a quatrefoil, I would guess. I would prefer it looks more like a heart though. That means cross training and lots of strength training. This is where my new membership comes into play. I ditched my over price lack of customer service local gym for a membership at Golds. I have also signed up with a trainer there who is super awesome and thinks I'm nuts for wanting to run Blue Ridge. Ok...most people think I am nuts for wanting to run it but I am the crazy one that sees an insane hill and says, "oooo I want to run that." 

2013 - DC - One Mile to Go!
#4) Breast Cancer 3 Day: This will be my last one. Three Days - Sixty Miles - One Cause...an End to Breast Cancer. A number of years ago, I signed up for the Philadelphia 3 Day. Days before I was scheduled to do the walk, I discovered that I had gallbladder disease and found myself in an operating room having it removed. I made a promise to God and my Saints, that I would get to Philadelphia and do the walk. Since I planned on making 2014 my last one, I decided that it was time to make good on that promise. I am officially registered for September of 2014. Please take a moment to swing by my fundraising page and make a donation to help me reach my goal. 

#5) MCM Training: Whether or not I run MCM, I am going to do the training for it. Training for distances builds confidence. I need that confidence just to sign up for MCM. Of course, I need to sign up for MCM so I can run that damn hill at the end which is becoming the only reason I want to run it in the first place. Ok...again...I know...I'm nuts. You can say it. I accept it. 
Of course, all of this will be made possible with a hell of a lot of hard work and the continued support of my Friends and Family. You guys keep me going. 

3 comments on "Runner Resolutions or My 2014 Fitness Goals"
  1. Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to in 2014. Happy holidays!

  2. I love your list..you can totally do them all! I look forward to following your progress throughout the year!

  3. Sounds hardcore, I love it! Look forward to reading all about it!