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Friday Favorites

Friday, January 24, 2014
Happy Friday!  My long run is scheduled for tomorrow but with the trail being snow covered we are currently discussing our options. One such option consists of laps - that's right, LAPS - on the (you guessed it) Naval Academy Bridge. Are you noticing a pattern here? Hey...I did say I needed more hill work.

Moving right along, it is time for my Friday Favorites.

1.) All this cold weather has me longing for spring and the return of my Sparkle Skirts. I really can not say enough good things about these skirts. The built in shorts have two serious pockets on each leg. I have earned the nickname Chipmunk for what I manage to stash in them. Seriously, I was able to pack away bag of chips, two bananas, and a bottle of water in the pockets. This allowed me to free up my hands so I could carry four or five cups of beer back to my friends. (I don't drink beer.) There is also an additional pocket in the waste of the skirt that is zippered. It is perfect for tucking away a key and your phone (unless you have some gigantic phone like I do.) If that isn't enough for you, these skirts also come in really cool designs, like my absolute favorite - Pink Mini. 

Downs Park 5 Miler in my Pink Mini Sparkle Skirt
Photo courtesy of Jon Valentine

2.) New on my list is Racevine. I stumbled upon them via twitter. Think of them as the Tripadvisor of races. With Racevine, you can look up a race and either read the reviews or write a review of your own. I am totally digging this and have signed up with them. As time allows, I'll be posting reviews of some of the races I've done over the last year. In the mean time, you need to go check out their site...and while you are at it check out the awesome giveaway they are having for a $100 Brooks gift certificate. Say What?! No really...do it. Damn...that reminds me. I need to enter again too. 

Inline image 2

3.) Finally, Raw Threads. One of my absolute favorite shirts came from them. Seen below...and with my Pink Mini skirt. Raw Threads clothing is made of Cotton and Bamboo, are performance apparel, offer UPF protection, and are super soft.  Geez...now I need to go window shop. 

What is something that you love and can't live with out in your running/exercise arsenal? I want to hear from you. 

2 comments on "Friday Favorites"
  1. I should have never clicked on that SparkleSkirts link because now my bank account is in big trouble. I've been wanting to try a skirt for running! I can totally justify buying one right now because I'm going to Florida in two weeks. :)

    Racevine sounds awesome! I'm headed over to check that out too!

    I can't live without my Bondi Band headbands. I'm starting to hoard them at this point.

    1. OMG...I was just looking at Bondi Bands the other day and their compression socks. I can totally appreciate hording gear. I'm up to eight Sparkle Skirts at this time. I LOVE THEM.