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Just Call Me Wilson

Monday, January 6, 2014

Displaying IMAG0045_BURST002.jpgThe holidays have came and went and all I can think is, Thank Goodness.

My vehicle was not repaired properly and ended up in the shop again - close to home this time, at least. I didn't get approved for a rental until the Monday before Christmas and naturally, there were no rentals to be found.

Hello, McFly...It was the holidays. Everyone and their brother, sister, Mother/Father-in-law, etc was in town and needed a rental. So guess who was stuck at home for Christmas? That's right - this girl was! Not to worry.  I donned my favorite onesie pjs (no really...I own like four pairs,) drank hot chocolate, and watched a marathon of bad holiday programming. 

After Christmas, I got my rental and as soon as I returned home with it, I got the call that the insurance company was now, in fact, totaling my car because they did not want to invest any more money into it. Oh...and by the way, that means no rental effective the following day so that got returned. 

Needless to say, I spent my holiday season a bit disgruntled and stuck with running on my dreadmill since running on the streets close to home is putting your life at risk. I have said it before, and I will say it again, we have had a few pedestrian hit and runs over the last year. Of course, that is not to say that I haven't ran in the area...I just try not to. No sense in becoming a statistic. Despite my time on the dreadmill, I don't like it any more than I did before nor do I fear it any less. That's right...I have some strange fear of falling while I'm running and shooting off of it like a rocket. 
With far to many days at home and left to my own devices I felt like I was in a strange and twisted combination of Home Alone and Castaway. If I had a volleyball, I would have drawn a face on the thing, called it Wilson and started talking to it. I opted to make Puck's middle name Wilson instead - I already talk to him. Naturally, upon telling my running buddies this, they decided that my new nickname would be, Wilson. I should not be surprised, I run with Ninjas and a Cupcake. 
Displaying IMG_20131230_213450.jpg
Puck Wilson

I did manage to get my car back..which is a long story. I picked it up after work today and it is running even better than it was before the accident. 

Now let's get back to my regularly scheduled programming with a question: 

We all have running fears. I want to know what yours are. Hit this link and answer the two quick questions. Not to worry, it is anonymous. I am only gathering your answers and no personal information.  

Happy Monday!


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