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No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy...or Painless.

Thursday, January 30, 2014
No one ever said that running would be easy. They also never said it would be painless. In the last year, I've had my fair share of aches, pains, strains, and sprains. I have a physical therapist, an orthopedist, a podiatrist, and a massage therapist.

I probably should add a psychiatrist.

The other day, I was asked why I keep doing this. Why I keep putting myself through all the pain, the time, and the training. My answer was, simply..."because I can."

The cost may be pain, time, training...and sometimes recovery - the reward; however, is simply priceless. For me, that reward comes in the form of a goal reached far beyond my comfort zone.

Of course, it is also the satisfaction of being able to look back and realize that what was once outside of my comfort zone, now IS my comfort zone.

What is YOUR why?
1 comment on "No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy...or Painless."
  1. What a perfect answer: "BECAUSE I CAN" that is ALWAYS my answer. When I'm sore, tired, injured, and don't feel like it, I remember why I started working out in the first place, BECAUSE I CAN, because I hold the power to feel good and transform my body from a body to a lean mean work out machine. Because I am blessed with healthy (well mostly healthy) limbs and parts that allow me to run, jump, skip, hop, squat, lunge, and lift. <3