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Seven Tips for Becoming a Gym Early Bird

Monday, January 20, 2014
It is no secret, I am an early bird when it comes to getting to the gym. I want to get in before the masses, get it done, and get showered and dressed in peace and quiet. The best time to do that, for me, is shortly after they open; about 4-4:30 in the morning. I know it sounds crazy but it is how I prefer to work. 

Getting to the gym as soon as they open is not for everyone but with some careful planning and preparation, it can be far easier to do. 

1.) If you like your morning cup of Joe, have it prepped and ready to go first thing in the morning. If you don't have a Keurig (like me), set up the auto brew function on your regular coffee maker. Face it, there is something nice about waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. I will get out of bed just to grab a cup. Ok...not entirely true lately because I'm cutting back on coffee but if it was already brewed, I'd have a hard time resisting it. 

2.) Get your gym bag ready to go the night before. Pack all those essentials; what you plan to wear the next day, toiletry items, change of shoes, make-up bag, towel, water bottle (I fill mine ahead of time), post work out snack, ipod, headphones, and so on. 

3.) Sit out your gym clothes so they are ready to go when you get up. Have your top, bottoms, underwear, socks, shoes, etc ready to go. I also have a a quick bite to eat ready for me to grab and run out the door.

4.) Have everything you are taking with you staged by the door. If you are like me, that's a gym bag, purse, tote bag, and most days - my running bag with another change of clothes. Yes...my laundry sucks. 
Funny Sports Ecard: You know you're a runner if you separate your laundry into whites, darks, and tech.

5.) Set your alarm and put it as far away from you in the bedroom as possible. The idea is to make you get up and out of bed to shut it off. 

6.) Have an accountability buddy. Seriously, it helps. If I know that I am responsible for texting someone at OMG early in the morning to help get them up and out the door, I WILL be up and ready on time. Likewise, you can have someone that will call you and tell you to get your butt out of bed. 

7.) When you leave the gym, look at the guy/gal at the front counter and say "See you tomorrow." This is a psychological game. If I tell someone I will see them on X day...I will show up so I know that they aren't thinking "SLACKER" if I don't. Seriously, I had to take a train to Philly last week and when I realized I wasn't going to make it to the gym that morning, I honestly wanted to call the front desk at Golds to explain why I wouldn't be there. Is that pathetic or what? 

With a little pre-planning, you can be one of those crazy early birds in the gym with me. Then your friends will tell you how nuts you are too. 

4 comments on "Seven Tips for Becoming a Gym Early Bird"
  1. I love this! I am actually an early morning runner, I am up and out the door before 5:30 am. It took a few weeks to acclimate to it, but its been years now and I'd much prefer to work out before most people are out of bed than in the evenings, when things can come up and derail me! Have a great week!

    1. Isn't it nice to know that at the end of your work day, you are done and just go home as opposed to having to roll into a crowded gym.

  2. Having my bag packed and ready to go definitely helps! The first two pictures made me laugh...so very true!

    1. If my bag isn't ready, I'll never make it out the door. I find myself falling on the...I'll never get my act together in time, excuse.