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Week 1 Training Recap: Journeying to the Star

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Here is the first of my weekly training recaps as I prepare for the Blue Ridge Mountain Half Marathon. 

Monday: I didn't have my car back yet and was up bright and early so my guy could pick me up for work. Got a 1.25 miles in on my dreadmill before I said the hell with it because I don't have a TV downstairs anymore and hate running on that thing.

Tuesday: Weights (Upper/Lower/Core), squats, lunges, and 3 mile dreadmill run. A funny side note... Distant Runners posted an article about treadmills being invented by prisons. Why am I not surprised? You can find the article here.

Wednesday: 3.2 mile run around Annapolis with my Sole Sisters. It was awesome and so was the post run sushi.

Thursday: Weights (Upper/Lower/Core), squats, lunges, 3 mile dreadmill run, stair climber - just shoot me. I'm learning to tolerate the that evil device.

Friday: Core work at home. It was plank-tastic. Not really.  I need to get more core work in.

Saturday: 7 mile training run that started from Jonas Green Park, traveled along Rt 2, and headed onto the B&A trail. Rt 2 is pretty hilly and I need that hill work. I wanted to get in some additional hill work on the bridge but my stomach had other plans. 
Photo courtesy of Becky Young Cully
Sunday: 3ish mile run and phone pooped out on me AGAIN - Met with the 5k class and did laps around the school. Got to see two of my favorite coaches, catch up with my favorite run pusher, and met an amazing group of 5k students. 

Total Miles: ~20 Week / 20 Year 

Synopsis: My butt is sore. No really, I've had "that" walk the a few days, so apparently my glute exercises are working. I've had sore arms too but it is tolerable. I'm cranking up the core work in the coming week. I can honestly say that my EnergyBits are helping a lot. I definitely notice a difference between the days I do and the days I don't have them. 

In my quest for training tips to prepare me for Blue Ridge, I found a rather lengthily article called Training for Mountain Running by John Harding. I have only managed to skim the article but am going to print it to read it more extensively. One thing I have gotten from it, I have a lot of work ahead of me. 
School starts tomorrow and I have two classes this semester. This should prove interesting. 
2 comments on "Week 1 Training Recap: Journeying to the Star"
  1. Sounds like you had a great week of training. I love the quote you have at the end of your post!

    1. Thank you, Anita! Pushing through, one day at a time.