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Friday Favorites

Friday, February 7, 2014
Tomorrow is my first race of the season. It is also my anniversary race. Crazy it has already been one year since my first 5k. Now a 5k is a normal run for me. Hell, five miles is an easy run now. Funny how much can change in a year. Here's to another year of running misadventures.

Seeing as how it is Friday, how about a round of my Friday Favorites.

1.) Local Running Shops:

I'm a huge proponent for supporting local businesses. Local businesses help fuel the area economy. They are less likely to be pigeon holed into only using specific brands because they don't have a corporate office that is contracted with other corporations or a national sales plan driving their decisions. For similar reasons, local businesses are more likely to listen to the needs and wants of their customer base. 

For me, my two favorite local running shops are Annapolis Running Shop (ARS) in Annapolis, Maryland and Spark Running in Severna Park, Maryland. 

Annapolis Running Shop is owned and operated by two of the nicest people I've met in the running community, Jenny and Ryan. In addition to being the home of Downtown Annapolis's Wednesday night run, they organize some amazing themed fun runs like the upcoming, Chili Cook-off and Fun Run. ARS is also huge supporters of some of the local running groups shenanigans. When local runners organized a "Glow Run" through Annapolis as part of their marathon training, ARS set up a water stop in front of their shop to help refuel and re-hydrate the runners. Naturally, I also love them because they carry my favorite brand of running shoes, Saucony!  
Photo courtesy Kim Hindle.

A little closer to my home is Spark Running which is owned and operated by local triathlete, Caitlin. Spark strives to "keep specialty special" and succeeds by carrying brands that you do not normally find in some of the larger chain stores. Being in my neck of the woods, they are my quick go to store for questions, advice, and gear. Of course, they also organize and host some themed fun runs like this past December's Ugly Sweater Run which took us on a tour of the neighbor hoods of Severna Park. An added bonus for me is that they stay stocked with my favorite chews, Honey Stinger Cherry Cola. YUM!!! 
Photo courtesy of Spark Running.

Moving right along...

CW-X Women's Stabilyx Tights
2.) CX-W Compression is my next favorite of the week. I was introduced to them by one of my running buddys and figured I'd give them a shot. If you have never warn compression before, do not be surprised when you take them out of the package. I honestly thought that a mistake was made. In fact, my better half took one look at my brand new pair of CX-W 3/4 length tights and asked if they came in adult size. Putting them on took a couple goes to get used to and now I can put them on without looking like I just got done a tough round of interval training. No seriously, my roommate asked me if I had just came from the gym and all but fell on the floor laughing when I told her, "no, I just put on my compression." I really can not live without these tights now. They are a must for me on long runs. They provide support to my muscles and joints and I notice a huge difference when I am running with out them.

Find CW-X on Facebook by going HERE and on Twitter by going HERE.

#3.) Finally, FlapJacked Protein Pancakes are on my list this week. I finally broke down and tried them after catching reviews of them on twitter and in fellow blogger's blogs. I have to say, I love them. They come in three flavors: Original Butter Milk, Cinnamon Apple, and Banana Hazelnut. I tried the Butter Milk since I'm prone to doctor up my pancakes. I tried them 'un-doctored' the first round and actually liked them as is. They had a great taste and went well with some all natural maple syrup on top. For my second try I added some mashed bananas and ate them with some natural peanut butter. Wow - Yum. Of course, I didn't get a picture of those because they were so good I ate them before I realized I didn't get a picture.  Ooops.

Give them a try.  I highly suggest them.  You can find FlapJacked on Facebook by going HERE and on Twitter by going HERE.

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