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Training Recap Week 4 - 82 Days Till Blue Ridge

Sunday, February 2, 2014
There are 82 days until Blue Ridge and holy crap, I am four weeks in to training. Today I noticed something -  My calves are trimming back down. Now if I can get the rest of my legs to follow suit, I'd be thrilled. Hell, if they could develop some kind of lypo-relocation I'd be really thrilled. 

"Yes, Doctor...I'd like to lypo-relocate part of my ass to my boobs. - Make it so!" 

Anyway, seeing as how that isn't going to happen...

I got asked by a friend why I started training for the Blue Ridge Mountain Half Marathon so early. Well, hopefully this elevation profile of the 2014 race will be an answer to that question. Honestly, I hope I started soon enough. I guess we'll find out.
On to the recap: 

Monday: Rest day!  Kicked off Couch to 5k training at my office today. I commend my brave little group for taking the first steps.

Tuesday: LEG DAY, 3 miles, and stability work.

Wednesday: Trainer's was a no show at the gym...did get 3 miles in though. Had an appointment with my Orthopedist. We discussed my calf issues. The Doctor pretty much told me that my calf muscles is a child stuck in the middle of a nasty divorce between my achilles and my hamstrings. I've been instructed to take a couple of days off and get my butt back in yoga and stretch regularly. Good news is this is only for a couple of days and as long as I don't feel any pulling in my legs, I can run UP TO 5 miles. 

All I heard was, "RUN 5 MILES ON SATURDAY." - Got it! 

Thursday: Day #1 of the temporary no running. Not very happy. Had yoga though, taught by my friend and running buddy! Awesome class. She also offered to meet me at the gym one morning which means I see a cross training ass kicking in my future.

Friday: Stability work. Lunges, squats, one leg dead lifts, and....homework. Homework is, at the very least, distracting me from the fact that I've missed another day to run. 

Saturday: Did a quick test drive on the tread mill...no problem. Went out and ran my 5 miles - OK, 5.65 miles. You didn't really expect me to ONLY do five did you and I deserve a little credit for not succumbing to the need to squeak out the extra .35 to make it a round six miles. Of course, it went so well I decided to sprint the last half mile...because I could. I did remember to stretch afterwards and can sum up the run as follows:
Of course I was #PoweredByBits for those 5 miles.

More homework awaits. UGH. Shoot me. 

Sunday: A nice 3 mile pseudo recover run today. Pseudo because my Saturday long run wasn't necessarily "long." Felt good again.  There may be something to this whole stretching thing...who knew?

Oh..side note.  One week completely free of gluten. Not even any cheating. Let's see how long it takes me to fall off of this wagon and face first into a loaf of french bread. 

~ Stay tuned...there's another Confession of a Novice Runner coming.

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