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Training Recap Week #5 - 76 Days Till Blue Ridge

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I am officially behind on blog entries thanks to the virus that sprung up out of no where and landed me flat on my ass. That is exactly what happened. There is no sugar coating it.

The day before I had an AMAZING eight mile run. I felt great the rest of the day. I did housework, ran errands, did homework...then the next morning WHAMO! Did anyone get the number of the bus that hit me? WTH?

There you have it. Laid up for the rest of the week. Cough, fever, and bad daytime television - which was the worst part of the entire virus.

Anyway... here is my overdue Week #5 training recap.

Monday: 1 mile with the office 5k group.

Tuesday: Leg Day at the gym and some quality time with the Stair climber

Wednesday: AM Upper Body and PM Yoga! Yay.

Thursday: 5.15 mile morning run

Friday: Rest...Race tomorrow!!!

Saturday: Annapolis Striders Valentines Day 5k - Ran in 29:31 a new PR.
One amazing group of people. I am blessed with great running buds.
Photo by Jon Valentine

Sunday: 8 awesome miles on an incredibly cold day with good friends. No clue I was about to be struck down the following day with THE PLAGUE!!! I knew I shouldn't have waited to order my RecoveryBits! Bah!!!

Did I mention it was cold?

Totall Miles: 17.25 miles for the week and 84.93 miles for the year.

Ok...off to order some RecoveryBits so I don't encounter anymore bugs this year.

2 comments on "Training Recap Week #5 - 76 Days Till Blue Ridge"
  1. There are some nasty bugs hanging around this year, sorry you were hit by one of them. Hope you're feeling better now.

    Congrat's on the PR!

  2. Thank you, Anita! This one was super bad. All chest and fever. I don't wish it on anyone.