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Training Recap Week #6 - 68 Days Till Blue Ridge

Sunday, February 16, 2014
Here it is...How I pretty much looked all this week thanks to the sudden onset of a really bad chest cold.

Last Sunday, I ran 8 amazing miles and felt great. Then Monday I woke up and wanted to die. Naturally, I wanted to stay home with the covers drawn over my head and sleep. Unfortunately, the company that is contracted to automatically deliver my oil, failed to do so, leaving me without heat. I ended up going to work strictly because it was warm there. I eventually gave up and went back home.

That is where I stayed for the next three days, less one trip to the doctor.

So training...yeah...that didn't much happen, short of today. I actually got out and ran 5.3 miles with my running buds. It was not an easy run after be totally inactive for a week. It was not a bad run though.
Photo courtesy of Michelle Klein. 
Totall Miles: 5.3 miles for the week and 90.23 miles for the year. 

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