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Two Months to Go and a Link Up

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
There are two months till the Blue Ridge Mountain Half Marathon and excitement and fear are setting in. I am still not ready. I don't know that I ever will be.

I find myself combing other blogs reading about other peoples experiences with the race. So far everyone says, it is hard - it is beautiful - they would probably do it again. They also all echo a similar sentiment about grueling uphill climbs and torturous downhill descents. Despite everything that I have read, there is just one statement that shines through:
For decades the Star has stood eight stories tall, visible from 60 aeronautical miles, as a beacon to wayward travelers, those without hope, and those who seek a fresh start amid the cleansing waters of the Roanoke River.
It was a comment posted by a gentleman named David Fifer on the Blue Ridge Marathon facebook event page.
The Mill Mountain Star is my first goal on the race - Get to the star!

For now though, let's get to the Link Up!

Use the link below to add a blog post about running, a race review, cross training, etc. Then comment on two others and this post. Happy Linking!!

3 comments on "Two Months to Go and a Link Up"
  1. Nervous is good. It means you want it and you know what...you got this!

  2. You will do great! I ran the half two years ago - out of the 20+ half marathons I've ever run, it was in the top 5 of most challenging, but I'd totally do it again. Just accept that there are parts of the uphill that are gonna require walking and try to stay relaxed but in control on the downhill. Have fun!

    1. Thank you for the tips! Still in panic mode. I won't get out of it until I cross the start line and get into my running groove. It's funny, I am more intimidated by the downs than the ups.