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PlowOn EnergyGum - Review

Thursday, March 20, 2014
A couple weeks ago, I logged onto facebook and found a message from PlowOn Energy Gum. Naturally, I was interested and when they discovered that I was not already a “Plower,” they sent me a care package in the mail. 

I love care packages!
PlowOn EnergyGum Package
So let’s start with some details. PlowOn uses a combination of Ginseng, Taurine, Green Tea, and Caffeine. It targets your tastebuds to provide fast results. It comes in one flavor; Spearmint.

Naturally, I did not read the info card they sent and I grabbed a piece and started chewing it. Ummm...oops. Guess I should have since there was a line about avoid chewing on an empty stomach. Yes...I agree...do not chew on an empty stomach. My bad, PlowOn...My bad. Lesson learned.  Speaking of the instructions; here is what the actual package says
Chew 1 piece for 5 minutes. If not alert within 15 minutes, chew a second piece. Do not exceed 2 pieces in 3 hours or more than 5 pieces in 24 hours.
Alright...round #2. I decided to chew on after lunch and followed the instructions. The flavor is earthy but not bad. I can definitely taste the green tea and ginseng. I waited the 15 minutes and when I did not feel anything, I chewed a second piece.
PlowOn Energy Gum Pieces
A little fact about me, I have ADHD. I do not mean that in the “oh I just can’t focus” sense...I mean that in the clinically diagnosed and I have a neurologist and….oh SQUIRREL!! . That means I am not chemically wired the same as everyone else. Unfortunately, I tend to forget that things like caffeine, don’t really work the same on me as it does on others. Not to say that other people

That having been said, what did the gum do for me. It increased my alertness and focus. Not a bad thing, but I’m a terrible test subject so - enter my friend/co-worker, Eric.
He echoed my review of the flavor, saying that it was a bit earthy and that he could taste the green tea. Ten minutes later, he was back to tell me that he felt, "Uncomfortably energized." Naturally, I was surprised that one piece would do that and then he divulged that he hadn't noticed a change after one piece so he chewed a second. He later confirmed that only chewing one piece left him feeling, "uncomfortably energized" but he'd be all about chewing it again.
In an effort to be even more thorough, I asked my friend, Steph, to give it a try too. Again...earthy minty flavor. She, however, said..."within 15 minutes of chewing it she felt energized, alert, and ready to tackle her bike training for the morning." She chewed a second piece later and said the effect was similar.

None of us felt any kind of crash and burn after chewing it which is a plus in my book. My final verdict is...everyone is going to be different depending on individual reactions to caffeine.

I personally have and will chew it again.

Find out more about PlowOn Gum:
On the web by going HERE.
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6 comments on "PlowOn EnergyGum - Review"
  1. Excellent review. I love PlowOn and chew it when I need an umph in my training (currently training for a 50K) and I chew it at work when I'm about to fall asleep during long boring meetings. PlowON!

    1. I need all the help I can get during office meetings and so do my coworkers.

  2. How interesting, a gum that comes with instructions!

    1. Yes...most importantly, not to chew to much. Since I'm a serious gum chewer, I'd over do it easily.

  3. I love to PlowOn and the taste is delicious! Great review :)