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Mission - Accomplished

Monday, March 17, 2014
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Since I was working on returning to my normal routine, I set some goals for myself this week. Those goals included:
  1. Complete the 5 day clean eating challenge
  2. Get back to my regular running/cross training routine
  3. Take my long run to a new distance
  4. Run Kelly Shamrock 5k as a recover run
  5. Celebrate any accomplishments with a trip to Nacho Mamas, Dangerously Delicious Pies, and Vaccaros. 
Well...Mission Accomplished!!

I knocked out a Five Day Clean Eating Challenge and managed to lose some size in the process. Of course, the eating I did today may undo that work but I am picking off where I left off tomorrow. I can not say that it was easy, considering that I spent the week day dreaming about gelato and hod dogs - thank you hormones - but it wasn't terribly hard either. Bonus, I discovered that I really like avocado in my shakes now...thank you Shakeology.

I got back into my gym routine and thanks to my friends Michelle and Cindy, I took my first Body Pump and CXWorx at my gym and loved it. I will be incorporating it into my weekly routine. Naturally, it kicked my butt the first class but I am sure that it will get better, so let the butt kicking commence. Oh...and after what I ate yesterday...seriously, I need the butt kicking!

Anyway, Saturday was my long run and planned hill work with my office 5k group. Only one person was willing to brave the run though so, in my book, that makes him my star pupil. For my long run I managed to knock out about 12.5 miles. Then we did 2 miles of hill work running laps on the Naval Academy Bridge taking me to my longest distance to date, 14.5 miles. Thank you Mike for braving the bridge. The work helped us both. You rock! 

Sunday was the Kelly Shamrock 5k in Baltimore... or what Michelle and I were calling the Recovery Shuffle. Michelle ran the DC Rock & Roll Marathon the day before and PRed when she took over 45 minutes off of her previous marathon time. This goes to show you what hard work and determination can do. Way to go girl!  YOU ROCK! 

Unfortunately, our group run reduced in numbers due to family emergencies and injury but we made the most of the day, finishing up the 5k and then heading out for lunch and treats. The mantra for the day became run a 5k eat like we ran an ultra. 
Thank you Marni and Michelle for the pictures.
That meant sangria, quesadillas, gellato, and PIE!  

Yes...I'll be busting my assets to burn off the binge but face it...who doesn't need a day like that once in a while. 

When was the last time you let yourself splurge? 
2 comments on "Mission - Accomplished"
  1. Ok, so now I'm starving! Congratulations on meeting your goals. The clean eating one is the hardest for me!

    1. Kind of wiped the clean eating slate clean with the quesadillas and pie though. LOL