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The Return to Normalcy - I Hope

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I ran Saturday.  It wasn't pretty, but I ran. There were no unicorns, rainbows, hearts, or flowers...but I ran. I ran eight miserable miles. It had been the first time in almost two weeks and my body told me ALL about it.

I needed it.

I am grateful for my friend, Emily, who stuck by my side through all eight miles.She kept me from giving into the evil little voice in my head that repeatedly told me to stop and just walk. Despite it being a miserable run, it was also fun to run with people and enjoy a beautiful day. Emily was definitely right when she said, "a little sole therapy will do you good."

Unfortunately, I didn't run on Sunday. My eight miles wiped me out mentally. So I took the day to finish the last of the homework I had for class.

Now it is a new week! A new chance to pick up where I left off.

Anyway... Let me tell you about one of my favorite things - Bani Bands.

A while back I went to the Army Ten expo and got introduced to these headbands by my friend, Kim. I was skeptical, to say the least. I can never find a head band that will actually stay on my head. They always seem to slide backwards and hang, looped over my pony tail or bun. Despite this, I gave in and got a pretty silver one that I forgot I even had until later down the road when I came across it before a training run. I almost tossed it back in the drawer but quickly decided I'd give it a shot, figuring that the worst that could happen is it would shoot off my head during the run and end up another headband casualty on the trail.

At the end of my training run, I hopped in my car and took a peak in the mirror - I occasionally have a lapse of consciousness and actually put mascara on before a run so I need to make sure I don't look like Tammy Faye Bakker before I leave. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the headband was still in the exact same place I put it. It hadn't moved. It wasn't dangling from my pony tail. It wasn't missing...it was still there.

Honestly, I thought it was just a fluke, so I kept wearing it. I wore it at every training run and a few races. It still stayed in place. Naturally, I did what any one else would do. I invested in a bunch of them. I also emailed them to tell them how much I love their products. They made me a product ambassador. How cool is that? #TeamBani

So give them a try. They are totally worth it.

Stop by their facebook page - here. Tell them that Go Believe Conquer set you.
Follow them on twitter - here.  Give them a shout and tag me @GBConquer.
Obviously, go to their website - here. Then go shopping.

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