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Another Week Has Past

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Another week has passed and I am happy to be back on track with training. Of course, the weather is still driving me crazy but I keep trying remind myself that this is Maryland and if you don’t like the weather...wait a minute. No, seriously...I think Mother Nature has worse ADHD than I do.

Without boring you guys with my usual training details, let me give you the weeks highlights

First up - My Office 5k Group
Monday was their last run before the race on Saturday, the Chesapeake Bay Trust’s 5k for the Bay. They were apprehensive about completing their last run, but they did it all the same. They are an amazing group of people and I can not begin to express just how proud I am of each of them for taking this crazy journey and honored I was that they trusted me to guide the way. I am happy to report that they each crossed the finish line and me being the sap that I am, teared up a bit as I ran the last one over the line.

On a side note, one of the Chesapeake Bay Trust’s sponsors is Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company who supplied some awesome little tins filled with their coffee in the race package. OMG - SCORE! I also got an invitation to a private event they are hosting for local bloggers. SCORE - AGAIN!

Next up - Core Power
I came home earlier in the week to a box on the front door. It was a care package from Core Power. I was ecstatic, especially since I only expected a couple of bottles and received a case of chocolate and a case of strawberry/banana. Stay tuned for a product review later this week.  

Lastly - The Annapolis Striders B&A Trail Half and Full Marathon

Sunday was the Annapolis Striders B&A Trail Half and Full Marathon in Severna Park, Maryland. I did not run the race since I already had two Maryland half marathons to look forward to. I did, however, attend so that I could cheer on my friends running the race and provide some special moral support to one, in particular, who was running the full marathon - my friend Cindy. 

Conditions for this race were less than ideal. There was actual hail at the race start and everyone was soaked by mile one. An hour or two into the race the temperature dropped and the winds picked up. Over the course of three hours I hit a few different spots on the course to cheer runners and found myself just a drenched as they were. As I stood out on the course, I looked on in awe at the sheer determination and will that I was witnessing; a drive to continue, to persevere, to finish. Mother nature may have been relentless but so is the heart of a runner. 

At the finish, teamwork became key as shivering runners crossed the finish line and came inside to escape the elements. A make shift warming station was thrown together with a heater and some towels. Finishers were then escorted over to us where we would dry them off, bundle them up, and get them food. Once the shivering stopped, someone else would escort them on to hot showers. 

The Warming Triage 
Photo Credit: Cindy Green Kulikowski
Our little team stood on standby until the last runner made his way over the finish line and into our care. I commend him for having the resolve to push on even under conditions in which no one would have faulted him for giving up.

As for Cindy, she finished the marathon. It was not with the time she had hoped for but given the conditions, it was still a finish that she can be proud of and worthy of a little bragging rights.
Cindy and I before braving the monsoon.
Credit: Michelle Klien
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3 comments on "Another Week Has Past"
  1. Hip Hop! I'm ecstatic!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TREE! I can't wait to try the bands!

    I didn't realize you were doing the Chesapeake 5k - I really wish I could have been there for that race! Supporting the bay is one of my favorite things to advocate!

    Look forward to seeing you at the bloggers coffee event - it will be fantastic! Coffee - SCORE!

    1. Hey Lady! Awesome seeing you at Beans and Bloggers. They will hopefully do another event in the fall. I will keep you posted.