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Confessions of a Novice Runner #4: Some Days Just Don't Go As Planned

Monday, April 7, 2014
Since running the Annapolis Striders' Cold Turkey 10k and loving it, I have looked forward to running the Cherry Pit Ten Miler. It runs along the same course of challenging rolling hills - you know how much I love hills. Once I registered for their Champ Series (which included the Cherry Pit), the Cherry Pit has been my first most anticipated race for the year.

Naturally, when you are this excited about a race you pick out your outfit - three different times even. You also shop for all the necessary fuel items. You buy new socks - just because you should have new socks for this race. You also start to check the weather a month before the race.

Then one of your friends offers to pace you during the race - a little push to help you improve your speed. Now you are even more excited. So you check the weather again and change your out fit - yet again. Hell, you check the weather every day leading up to the race and second and third guess your outfit. Then you go shopping again...maybe I should get different fuel?
Then you check the weather again and change part of the outfit - you keep the arm sleeves though and you add a visor and a pair of the new socks you got. You also build an entire new playlist just for this run. Then you put on the entire outfit to make sure that nothing is rubbing in weird places - which it does - maybe. Not worth the risk so you swap out more items until you finally settle on what you have picked. You also go through every pair of running shoes you own to determine which ones to wear for this particular race - zero drop? The ones with extra support? The ones with the nice cushion? Zeor drop it is - and besides, it matches the outfit.
You make plans with your friend to meet for coffee before the race and then you and she go back and forth about time it takes to get from point A to point B in order to determine the proper meeting time for coffee. You do not want to be late for packet pick-up. Then you go back over your outfit again and add a jacket - you can tie it to your waist when it gets to warm. You know it will get to warm. It always gets too warm. Decision made - you will wear it to the race and then leave it in the car. No problem.

Time for bed. If you go to bed now you will get - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - ok - 6 - hours of sleep.  Perfect. Time for bed.

Ok...you can't sleep. If you fall asleep by 10:00 you will still get 5 hours of sleep. That works too. Now go to sleep! Ugh...still can't slee -zzzzzZZZZZZ.

1:00 am - Ugh...I don't feel too good. It will pass...no...I really don't feel too...ZOMG!!!

1:30 am - Ok...it is out of my system and I can still run. It will still be awesome. I will just go back to sleep.

1::40am - OMG!! Not again!

2:00am -  Ok...should be really gone this time...I will still run. It will be great.

2:10am - SERIOUSLY!!!  WTH!?!

2:20am - Just shoot me!

2:30am - What the hell are you looking at cat?!

2:40am - Sleeping next to the toilet isn't that bad.

3:00am - Where's my damn phone?

3:15am - C-I-N-D-Y **New Message** Come shoot me.  (No that won't work) Kill Me, Kill Me Now! (Probably not good either) JUST LET ME DIE (Ok...let's ditch the melodramatics) Been up sick since 1am. This is not how this day is supposed to go.

12 Noon - I wonder what other race I can register for.

4 comments on "Confessions of a Novice Runner #4: Some Days Just Don't Go As Planned"
  1. I'm so sorry you had to go through this and miss a race - but I totally giggled at your noon comment. Great way to have a positive attitude! PS I love the zero drop too!

    1. No worries....there will be other races. I'm looking for that "other" race now.

  2. I hate when this happens. I missed the DC Rock and Roll half last year because I got sick. But look on the bright side...it wasn't your target race. Blue Ridge Mountain watch out cause she's a'comin!

    1. Or worse...MCM. I'd be beside myself if it was MCM. I'm using this as a learning experience.