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X-1 Audio Head Phone and Armband Review

Thursday, May 22, 2014

As a runner and a group fitness instructor, music is a very important part of my daily life. So when my face book friend directed me to the X-1 Audio website, I was excited to see that they were looking for ambassadors. The products are touted as:
“the foremost leader in waterproof, weatherproof and sweat proof headphones, cases and accessories for aquatic athletes. With over a decade of consistent technological innovation including 7 registered patents, the original waterproof sound company has evolved to the next level as X-1, providing audio solutions for a broad spectrum of athletes across many disciplines.”
I loved that they really took into account athletes and how it would benefit them the most. I quickly applied and Yay! I am now an X-1 Ambassador. One of the great things about this is that we received some compensation towards gear in return for product review. That only seemed fair, so I picked some items that I thought would work great for me and gave them a try.

Within no time my items arrived. I was so excited!! I picked the Surge Sportwrap Headphones and the AmphibX Fit Waterproof Armband for Smartphone and the waist extension belt

I tried the headset first: When I opened the package, I was very happy to see that there was a variety in ear bud sizes. I have tiny ears and have always had issues with finding ear buds that actually STAY in my ears. Sweet! So I used the XS and set out on my run…
What I first liked was the initial design of the set, it is very light weight and very comfortable. The cord is in the back and coiled, so I am not fighting with it during my run and not spending 10 minutes untangling the it. I used it with my shuffle and had it clipped on my running belt. I routinely only use one ear phone, mostly for safety reasons. Once I figured out how to put the ear bud in, it DID NOT MOVE. The sound quality was amazing and the one I didn't  have in was fine hanging down. It wasn't  annoying in the least which I was worried about.

 At one time, I had both ear pieces out on my run and had the set around my neck, if I turned up the volume, I could easily hear it, which is good in that aspect but you just need to be careful because these little buds pack quite a punch. I loved these immediately and used them for my last race at Marine Corps Historic Half this past weekend.

To be fair, I took awhile to use the arm band as my music of choice is usually on my shuffle and carry my phone in my running belt. But on a recent run, I gave the arm band a try.

Good things to note: I have thinner arms and always have issue finding an arm band that fits; this fit well and stayed in place, never had to mess with it and was comfortable. The plastic on the front was clear and easy to see the phone, and could utilize the touch screen when it was in the pouch. On the down side, it was VERY difficult to place in the holder. The fit, height wise, had NO wiggle room.
To utilize the headset, you have to plug in the set on the inside. You have enough slack to do so, but almost have to force it in the small opening. You then have a water proof seal/gasket of sorts between your headphones and the connection to the iPod. I finally finagled the iPhone in with the wire plugged in, but was not an easy task.

 I thought, maybe it was my phone and an iPod touch would be better as it is thinner. My son has one of those and size was very similar. The sound quality was the same and great to use, so long as you never had to utilize or need your phone for say an emergency. It was definitely a put in the holder, run and leave it alone. I almost even bent the plug trying to remove the phone after the run.

In summary, I think the headset is amazing and for regular and sweaty and wet runs, it will more than likely be my headset of choice - no tangled wires. Yay!  The arm band I may use it for any potential water encounters (kayaking, canoeing etc) where I may potentially get my gear wet, but for an easy out run, it is not what I had hoped for. I will more than likely try more of their other products in the very near future. 

There are many amazing products for my Triathlete and aquatic friends; they are definitely a company worthy of investing in their products.  ~ Cindy

For more information on X-1 Audio:

On the web:  http://www.x-1.com
On twitter: https://twitter.com/X1Audio
On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/X1Audio

[Disclosure: I received partial compensation for these products by X-1 Audio in exchange for a review. As always, my thoughts and opinions are completely my own].
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