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HEYLETS - Marathon/Ultra Training: Week 1

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Training Week #1 is behind us already and not nearly as painful as I had it built up in my head to be. Don't get me wrong. The week still had its challenges and wasn't all hearts and flowers. I can also say there are still no unicorns in site, but I have 18 weeks and two races to find them. In the mean time, how about a training recap. (Cindy's two cents in parenthesis.)

Monday: Cross training - Cindy was teaching Body Pump at the gym so I came to support her and get my butt handed to me in the process. We also knocked out 20 minutes of yoga before the class.

(Cindy: I think I handed my butt to myself in the process - product of not teaching that format for six months - it was tons of fun but my upper body felt stiff for most of the week.)

Tuesday: Five mile maintenance run. I ran my mouth way to much causing my tempo run to be a conversational run with a mile and a half at race pace towards the end. OOops. My big mouth gets the best of me every time.

(Cindy: Taught CX Worx early and then a very painful 5 miles. I ran later in the day and was still struggling with breathing issues - this was a get it done and move on day for me.)

Wednesday: Cross training aka weight day. It was a crap start to the day making for a rough round in the gym but we got through it. We as in I got through it and Cindy, being a saint, put up with me. Honestly not sure how that woman does it.

(Cindy: I think the saint card goes both ways, we all have those days. The end results was that we got our training in. Now we shift into maintenance and specific workouts to coincide with our running training. Weightlifting PR’s are for off season, now focus is maintaining that strength we built in the offseason.)

Thursday: Six mile maintenance run. From here on out, all maintenance runs will stay at or above six miles. On the schedule was a one mile warm up with four miles at race pace and a one mile cool down. It ended up being a miserable six miles all together. It was hot and humid even at 5:30 am. If this keeps up we'll be starting our runs at 4:30/5:00am to try and beat the rising sun. As painful as it was, I got through it - asthma, humidity, and all.

(Cindy: Most Thursday runs we will do separate because of my teaching schedule - RPM in the AM, Yoga in the PM. I did 2 miles at my marathon pace and chose to go back and run with Theresa. It was a good gut call - weather was less than ideal and it was a breathing struggle for both of us.)

Friday: Naturally, the weather is absolutely beautiful on our rest day. What the heck?!?
Cindy is one of the 2014 Mentors for the Marathon/Ultra Training Program
with the Annapolis Striders
Saturday: The first long run of Marathon/Ultra training was for the newbies only. Cindy is one of the Mentors this year and that's a blessing for me. I had an amazing ten mile run. I felt great, maintained an average pace of 9:35/M comfortably - like way comfortably, and then got my butt kicked with a little push from Cindy for the last mile with an 8:50/M. Hey, I didn't puke so it was a win! I also successfully made Cindy snort her coffee again - another win. I came away feeling as though I'd redeemed myself after a not so awesome week. Next week all the veteran runners will join us so I'm expecting to see a couple hundred runners as opposed to the 50 or so we had today.

(Cindy: I loved seeing the excited and freaked out look of the newbies. One of the Coaches, Bob, even made them say the new Annapolis Striders Pledge: “I want to run a marathon. I need to run a marathon. I have to run a marathon. I will run a marathon” because when you say it out loud, it becomes real. I did a little out and back to check on some of them and we chatted after for some good Q&A time. The facial expressions were mostly happy and at ease after their first run. Awesome-it is always good to have a successful first run.)

Sunday: What better way to recover from a ten mile training run than with a 5k; the Baltimore Women's Classic (BWC) to be specific. It was an absolutely beautiful day despite looking like a chance of rain. Cindy and I had no clue how we were going to approach the race (run it or race it) until we hit the corral. Cindy looked at me and said, "I think I'm gonna go do something stupid," and then disappeared into the crowd. I wandered up towards the nine minute group figuring I'd see how I felt once I started. We both PRed. I am still floored that I managed to take over two minutes off my previous PR finishing with 26:55. Cindy finished with 22:40, taking 56 seconds off hers.

(Cindy: I was thrilled and excited for both of us. It was the needed confidence boost after a challenging week.)

Actually looking forward to week #2. Who knows, maybe I'll find one of those unicorns yet.

Love, Theresa

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