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HEYLETS - Marathon/Ultra Training: Week 2

Thursday, July 3, 2014
Source: Fat Kid Goes Paleo

Training Week #2 is complete and it was a pretty OK week.

  • Theresa: Annapolis Running Shop’s Wine-O 5k. A fundraising run hosted by ARS. I arrived early and knocked out three miles before the run and then joined the ARS gang for the 5k fun run around Annapolis for a total of 6 miles in the books. 
  • Cindy: I decided to do the stair monster then core and ½ of a Flow Class that I cut short to get errands done, got my extra stretching needed, was still feeling last weekend. 
  • Theresa: Rest Day and I needed it. 
  • Cindy: Taught my CXWorx class and hopped on the Dreadmill-it was not pretty and was still feeling fatigued, it got done, but not without some choice words to curse at that piece of equipment 
  • Theresa: Cindy mixed up the cross training with a TRX routine. It didn’t seem like it at the time but it completely kicked my ass – as well as my core. By noon, it hurt to laugh and sneezing was no fun. I ended up feeling the after effects all the way into Saturday. Wednesday evening, Cindy and I met in Annapolis and ran our six miles which included some laps on the Naval Academy Bridge for hill work. 
  • Cindy: The humidity was miserable and it was not a fun run. My very first Bridge Club, I don’t get out to run a lot of evenings, so made the best of it. It totally kicked my butt and felt that for a few days afterward along with the TRX 
  • Theresa: Unscheduled rest day. A storm came through Western Maryland flooding the basement at my Aunt’s house and I ended up there on clean up duty. 
  • Cindy: Taught my RPM class and the summer crowd or lack thereof made motivation hard, missed Yoga because of work obligations, and missing this made my body not happy. 
  • Theresa: Scheduled rest day and that made me disgruntled.
  • Cindy: Needed this Rest Day, mentally felt like it wasn’t earned, but still had areas that needed the recovery for sure. Trust the training trust the training
  • Theresa: Long run #2 of Marathon Training; another ten miles. Cindy and I included a side street known for its two ridiculous hills. Average pace suffered a little due to the hill work but I can’t complain. 
  • Cindy: Felt pretty good for the run and the pace, challenged myself to run with the superfast runners for a bit and will try and extend that when I can. Knowing the pull, while uncomfortable will help me later down the line. I did a bunch of out and backs rather than the whole thing with the group to try and meet up with Theresa for the hill. 
  • Thesesa: Recovery run turned into recovery time at home since my stomach had other plans. 
  • Cindy: Ran a charity 5K at the Baltimore Zoo with family. It started off on a downhill and the uphill directly followed mimicked the torture we did on Saturday. Seems that hill work Theresa has dragged me on paid off, though the heat slowed me down quite a bit, I was still the first female to finish the race and definitely a FIRST for me. Hanging out at the zoo zapped my remaining energy: put a fork in me, I’m done.
Summary: No unicorns to be seen. Mosquitos and horse flies, yes, but no unicorns. This was one of those weeks I’d been warned about where things didn’t really go as planned. It was only week #2 though and now we are in week #3. 
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