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HEYLETS Volume 4: Training Recap for Weeks 3 and 4

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ok. We are behind on training recaps already but life happens and it is happening fast and furious. I am selling a house on top of training and working and that is just throwing a wrench into things. Cindy is teaching, working on projects to help support the troops - she is an Army Wife after all, and has two amazing kids home for the summer. Like they say, s*** happens.

So let's get this going.

Week #3

Monday (6/30):

Theresa: Rest day, pretty much. It's a short work week and I'm cramming in what I can in the time I have.

Cindy: Still felt drained a bit from the weekend, but managed to drag myself out and do CXWorX and Flow at the gym.

Tuesday: (7/1):

Theresa: Headed to Annapolis with Cindy to do a run with the Annapolis Striders 5k class. We did a quick pre-run through Annapolis for some added mileage. Let me just say - It was miserable.

Cindy: Still having some breathing issues and is a toss-up on the cause. The humidity was brutal. Glad my sole sister dragged me out or I am not sure I would have run at all today.

Wednesday (7/2):

Theresa: Cross training morning. Hello weights. Shame I was not in a good place mentally for it though.

Cindy: Very true. We all have those days where we are not in the place to really sling some iron. Today was not that day. We did get some done but hopefully next week will be better.

Thursday (7/3):

Theresa: Cross training and RPM with Cindy. Having a rough morning and was just not in a good place mentally.

Cindy: Mentally trying to prepare for teaching on Monday but sometimes being there for a friend is way more important than cross training. Got to work out some stress in RPM though so I think that helped.

Friday (7/4):

Theresa: Up at OH MY GOD early to get a run in. I was in Hagerstown so I had to improvise and figure out a route. Unfortunately, poor planning lead to a trip past the pig farm. You know, it's funny. Driving past a pig farm at 35 mph leads you to believe that it doesn't smell that bad. Running past it at 6.5 MPH, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. Seriously, I later ran past some ripe road kill that smelled good in comparison. UGH! Spend the day helping my Mom with a yard sale but got back home in time for dinner.

Cindy: Family day and so we headed to Ft Meyers to see the fireworks. Unusual schedule and places means not optimal food choices. I tried for the lesser of evils but much of it didn’t sit well…I found this out more the next day though. Funny how your used to be doesn’t taste nearly as good as your memory portrays. Saw the Iwo Jima memorial again and it gave me chills to know we will be here right after our race. Getting excited for training again!

Saturday (7/5):

Theresa: Long run day and it was awesome 12.5 miles in and felt great.

Cindy: Poor food choices made for not the best run as the girls and I running together decided a detour to the McDonalds bathroom was a good choice for the day. Still had an all-around decent run. I turned back around with about 2+ miles to go to finish with Theresa. Even if we don’t run together, I am trying to make sure we start and end together…sometimes the last few miles is when you need the support the most. She rocked this long run and made it look easy.

Sunday (7/6):

Theresa: We are gluttons for punishment and took our recovery run to the Rosaryville trail for a 9.5 mile run on the loop. Despite the long run the day before, we still had an average pace of 10:30. Lesson learned, we need to eat more the morning of if we plan on stacking miles like this. We also need to bring better fuel with us. We left completely starving and made the mad dash to get breakfast.

Cindy: Need to be better at foot placement as I almost bit it a couple times. I tend to look up and around at just the wrong time! The pace was just a tad off but we were on tired legs and were beyond starving….hello metabolism in over drive. Must remember to pack a cooler with ALL THE FOOD!
Best part of Rosaryville is the trail art. 
Week #4

Monday (7/7):

Theresa: There is no rest for the wicked. Cindy was co-launching Bodypump Express and CX Worx, so naturally I was there to show my support and get some cross training in. UGH...my poor core.

Cindy: Theresa hadn't seen me teach these formats so this was going to be fun! She of course chose the farthest corner so I couldn't harass her too much. The particular release was quite challenging and we both felt it before we ever left the gym. Best kind of sore, EVER!

Tuesday (7/8):

Theresa: No morning run and it was date night so I took off to spend QT with the man.

Cindy: CXWorx feels incredible less than 12 hours after a launch, and so does a 6 mile run right afterward said no one EVER. I got it done. Hoping next week I’ll get the run in BEFORE CX if I can get up early enough.

Wednesday (7/9):

Theresa: My bridge run was waylaid by work and foul weather so I made a feeble attempt at a treadmill run to no avail. Two miserable miles. Shoot me.

Cindy: Taught an abbreviated Yoga class for my hubby’s troops and then traversed the hills along defense highway for some hill repeats. Ridiculously high humidity was borderline raining for much of it. I was happy to get it done. Visit to the Allergist revealed I am allergic to….Nothing. Sigh, on a good note, breathing issue maybe is just a long standing sinus issue that will go away. Fingers Crossed.

Thursday (7/10):

Theresa: A little cross training in the weight room with my partner in crime followed by a kick ass RPM class. Then, that evening, a swampy gross not quite four mile run around downs park. Can you get more miserable. Oh wait...you can. Saturday is coming.

Cindy: We were tired but did get our weights in-abbreviated session. RPM was a busy and awesome class with a lot of energy. My training partner is getting faster on the bike and I know that will translate to the road very soon. Yoga taught in the evening and I really needed it!

Friday (7/11):

Theresa: REST DAY! Thank you! Unfortunately, I ate late and not right or enough. I also went to bed late. Yeah...this isn't going to bode well for Saturday.

Cindy: Much needed rest day but didn't feel as restful as I would like. Brought my daughter into the gym for a mini KB 101 session and taught Yoga. Errands run so very little actual rest.
Source: http://quotes-pictures.picphotos.net/
Saturday (7/12):

Theresa: First 15 mile run in the books. I survived, obviously. I only prayed for death - repeatedly. It was a hot, humid, miserable, please let me get struck by a car and die kind of run. I'm sure my poor eating and lack of sleep didn't help me one damn bit.

Cindy: I expected my sole sister to have one of these runs pretty early on for a couple reasons: humidity has sucked big time and that drains and slows down even the fastest runner and I knew rest and nutrition were going to bite us both. It is the mind games that your brain plays with you during these long runs are what makes it hard. Marathon training is as much physical as it is mental and psychological and that is what most people least expect. Glad we ran together and hope we will have more rainbow runs than storm cloud runs. Especially as the humidity goes back down in the fall.
7.70 Miles into our 15 mile training run. Look...smiles. 
Sunday (7/13):

Theresa: Recovery run with the Striders 10 mile training group. It was a rough start and my legs did not want to cooperate but they finally broke free about a mile before I was done. Go figure. That last mile was blissful though.

Cindy: The run started out stiff and achy, and was half running and the other half trying not to pay the overprotective mother hen to my daughter who ran as well. Felt better after the first couple miles and even did an extra Bridge run to put a little confidence back after yesterday’s run. Hoping this puts us in the right place to start the upcoming week.
Wrapping up our training week with a trip to the farmer's market. 
Summary: Two tough weeks behind us and a new one has begun. Still no rainbows or unicorns but it is early in the process. 
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