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HEYLETS Volume 5

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
We Love RUNtelligence!! 
Writing weekly training recaps seemed like a brilliant idea at the time but who was I kidding. I can’t keep up. So here is a summary of weeks #5 and #6 with #7 to follow and stay tuned for a product review and give away.

Week #5:

Cindy’s upcoming vacations and breaks lead her to sub some extra classes over week #5. This proved to be a big help as it forced her to do more core and yoga than normal. The flexibility in schedule that comes with summer, also allowed for a change in scenery on her weekday runs. For me, it would have been business as usual however work schedule and bad weather reduced my weekday runs to one.

Cross training went as scheduled but Saturday’s long run got moved to OMG WTF WERE WE THINKING EARLY. No seriously. We started at 3:30am to try to get 16 miles in before a one mile track race. WHO DOES THAT??? Oh wait – We do! It seemed perfectly logical in both of our heads – not much in reality though. Lack of sleep and poor nutritional choices the night before made it a physical and mental challenge for both of us. To add insult to injury, I decided that a long run was a perfect time to try new shoes that were missing my usual inserts causing my feet to give me grief around mile eight. This slowed me up and in order to keep Cindy on schedule, I encouraged her to go ahead and I would catch up eventually.

An unplanned four miles of speed work at the end of her 16 mile run and a 30 minute drive to a track race made for a lovely case of stiff legs upon arrival at the race. Not cooling down, guzzling a protein shake and devouring a hard boiled egg before even making it out of the parking lot meant a horrid case of nausea for me. In fact, I was so sick to to my stomach I opted to not run the track race for fear of a return visit of the protein shake and egg. Cindy, however, did and before making her way down to the track I gave her some words of encouragement to help stir her competitive nature - SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!
Cindy answered with a polite, F*** You (that's French for I Love You if you didn't know) and went about her way. Funny, she went on to win her age group despite tired legs and after a early 16 mile run.

Week #6

Cindy and I felt good after last week so we added extra cross training. TRX suspension training, Body Pump, and regular cross training left us in a constant state of DOMS and fatigue for the week. As a result we overslept a bit one day costing us time for core work but giving us the energy to power through RPM. 
Quality Time for Sole Sisters
Naturally, we took some quality down time to celebrate my birthday and finished out the week with the Endless Summer 6 Hour Run, an ultra race with a relay option. We teamed up with fellow Blogger, Sandy, of So What? I Run! as team Squirrels Gone Wild. Alternating between runners over four mile loops in our minds would make for a tolerable 12 miler. We were wrong. More details on the race to follow in a future post. Unfortunately we felt the repercussions of the relay clear into Sunday, causing us to opt out of our scheduled trail run. A gentle recovery run through Annapolis and a stop at the farmers market made for the perfect end to the week.

Love ~ Theresa & Cindy

4 comments on "HEYLETS Volume 5"
  1. While it kinda sucked cheese balls running the relay, I LOVED hanging with you both. Keep up the amazing work. All of this training is going to lead to a very successful ultra!

    1. Thank you, Sandy! We need to run together again. Hopefully not in a relay in high humidity. LOL

  2. You ladies are amazing! I hope to have the same crazy dedication that you both do! 3:30 am - rock it!!! <3 Bada** :)

    1. 3:30am hurt - a lot! Got it done though. Thank you, Amber. If you want something bad enough, you find a way.