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HEYLETS Volume 6

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another two training weeks are behind us and I had the sick realization that we are ten weeks out from Marine Corps Marathon. OH - EM - GEE! I also can't say that the last two weeks were stellar but I have been assured that it will be ok. I probably will not believe that until I cross the finish line at MCM (and, of course, the Rosaryville 50k).

Week 7:

Cindy started her week early with CXWorx and Body Flow on Monday. She also took her daughter, Ashley, with her to the gym - a passing of the fitness torch, so to say. It is great to see her daughter start to take an interest in fitness and following a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully it continues.

My busy season is starting and that means longer hours. Needless to say, my plans for evening runs during the week were waylaid by work. Tuesday Cindy got her scheduled run in and some core work and Wednesday we both hit the weight room for cross training. Unfortunately, we discovered that our lapse in certain exercises made them more difficult and we also didn't get nearly as much done as usual. Guess that is what happens when life gets busy and you spend more time catching up than actually getting work done. Thursday we both kicked a** in RPM. Then Cindy high tailed it to Annapolis to run with friends while I ran off to work.

Saturday is the scheduled long run. Cindy had one goal - pace me to a successful 16 miles. Mission accomplished. It was not easy though. Cindy came to the realization that her shoes were shot and half way into the run, she did something that rarely happens. She got very - very - quiet. I was actually doing all the talking. I know - hard to believe, but true. We still got it done though and then Cindy had to head home for a large family barbecue that she and her husband were hosting.
Theresa, Cindy, and Nica at Dog Days! 
Sunday was a change of pace - no pun intended - with the Annapolis Striders' Dog Days 8k. A long run plus the barbecue plus little rest and poor nutrition made for a very challenging cross country run for Cindy. I was just dead tired after 16 miles and it was God awful humid. I made the decision early on to not kill myself at this race. Despite that, I still managed a six minute PR.

Week 8:

Cindy took a much needed family vacation to New York City leaving me to my own devices. Well, that is never good. I figured I'd try to take advantage of the time and power through as much of my office work load as possible to try and free up time during the coming weeks for more serious training. Not sure if that worked out for me or not.

On Tuesday, I banged out my maintenance run thanks to my running buddy, Mark, who joined me for the first few miles. It was a really nice morning and the humidity was low. Wednesday, I got into work early and knocked out some late day chores that included a trip to Wegman's where I picked up some snacks for work, including cashews.

Why am I pin pointing the cashews, you ask? Well, I discovered that I am officially allergic to cashews. Like in a rash, stomach upset, GI issues, joint swelling, breathing issues, may eventually go into anaphylaxis sort of way. This resulted in me not running on Thursday night due to breathing issues - I had not figured out the cause yet. It also caused me to have to bow out of my long run on Saturday due to more of the same issues and stomach/GI on top of it. Cindy, who was back from vacation - and probably walked eighty miles around New York over the week - reluctantly went out and ran her 16 miles without me. As she told me this morning, she had her a** handed to her in that run. Judging by the look on her face when she finished her run, I would have to agree.

Sunday, the Duo was back together for an awesome 9 mile run on the trail. It was a much needed opportunity for us both to redeem ourselves.

Love Theresa & Cindy
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