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Returning to Blue Ridge

Thursday, December 4, 2014

In April of this year, I ran the Foot Leveler’s Blue RidgeHalf Marathon in Roanoke, VA. When I initially announced my plan to run the race, more than a few people called me nuts, especially since it would be only my second half marathon.  When I told people that it would be my “preview run” of the race so I would know what to expect in 2015, I was ridiculed and told, “We’ll see how you feel about Blue Ridge when you get done this year.”

Well I finished and although the course humbled me, I was planning my return only steps away from the finish line.  My 2014 goal was to finish in less than three hours; I finished in 2:41:02. You can read my recap here.

Over seven months have passed and my desire to return to Blue Ridge hasn’t changed, but what has changed is the distance I wish to run. I want to run the full marathon and I will.
But wait…there is more!

Roanoke Outside, creators of The Blue Ridge Marathon Series, has given me the huge honor of being one of their OFFICIAL MARATHON BLOGGERS.

Say What!!??  Crazy, but true.

So not only do I get to run the full marathon, I get to write about it officially, instead of unofficially. 

2 comments on "Returning to Blue Ridge"
  1. I can't wait to read your review. Go kick down some mountains!

    1. I'm so excited about this race I really can't stand myself.