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Skora Fit Review

Saturday, December 27, 2014
I love shoes. Not Imelda Marcos type love, but a healthy obsession of athletic shoes that litter my closet and garage. Long distance, short distance, weight training, short trail, long trail, weights, spin, if you can train in it, I have a shoe for that. So when the cool guys at X1-Audio asked their ambassadors if anyone was interested in trying Skora’s minimalist shoes, I virtually jumped up and down with an “OH PICK ME! PICK ME!” email back. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Skora to give their shoes a try.

I have been weight training in Vibrams 5 fingers for a few years now, and as my running career has progressed, my heel drop has decreased. My short distance shoes were currently a 4mm drop, so 0mm wasn’t too far off. I was excited and curious to see what these cool looking shoes could do.

When the shoes arrived I was like a kid at Christmas. They sent me Skora Fit, their training shoe which touts as an all-around training shoe that includes running. The shoes were brightly colored and I instantly loved them – they are currently available in three colors. The look was very unique setting themselves apart from most of the shoes I had seen around.

Specs for Skora Fit:
  • 6.6oz women’s/8.2oz Men’s
  • REALFIT™ last
  • Anatomical fit matches the foot's shape
  • Stretch seamless air mesh upper provides sock-like fit
  • 3D printed dynamic support pattern
  • Asymmetric lacing
  • Compression Molded EVA midsole
  • High abrasion HD Rubber outsole
  • 0mm heel-to-toe differential-zero drop construction allows the foot to move naturally
  • 16mm forefoot/16mm heel stack height
  • Medium cushioned midsole provides ample cushioning
  • High abrasion rubber optimizes durability
  • Antimicrobial insole helps fight odor

When I first tried them on, my first impression was, Wow. They felt like I was slipping on my favorite pair of old shoes. It had that super comfortable, broken in feel. I tried them first sockless, and didn’t find a hot spot or an uncomfortable edge. It truly had a “sock-like fit” and the size of shoe ran true to the size of my typical running shoe.

The arch was well supported and felt as if it was snug; wrapped around my foot without feeling constricting. The heel collar was well cushioned and very comfortable around my ankle. For the Yogi in me and the runner with bunions, the Skora Fit toe box had ample room for toe splay without feeling loose. The asymmetric lacing kept any potential pressure off the top of my foot while still maintaining a solid fit. The laces stayed laced which was a bonus. It had excellent cushion for a minimalistic shoe and the light weight was prefect.

Simply put: cushion and support where needed and room in all the right places.


I have run a few training runs, treadmill and road in these shoes as well as a 10K and 5M race. I tested them both with and without socks. I have also used them in my weight training/cross training days at the gym.

In shorter distance, the shoe had great support and feel for the road; the weight was perfect for quick fast runs. Although the cushion is amazing in these shoes, and it may be a matter of transitioning from 4mm drop to zero, after 6-10 miles my feet definitely could feel the difference between these and my 4mm short and 8mm drop long distance shoes.

When cross-training, moving from weights to cardio/treadmill was effortless. There was enough support for the run, but not so much that range of motion was impeded during weight training.

Overall Impression

Great training shoe for the price (retails at $94.95) comparable to many training shoes. The running specific shoes will cost a bit more with their top of the line shoe running $179.95. I would definitely use this shoe for training and short distance training and races. If you have been running in zero drop shoes for a while, I highly recommend giving this brand a try!

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Love, Cindy.

[Disclosure: I was given one pair of Skora® Fit Training Shoes to try in exchange for a review. As always, thoughts and our opinions are my own.]

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  2. These Skora shoes are just as described. Fit & finish are excellent. Wear with or without socks, lots of support. Most comfortable shoes I own.

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