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It's In the Bag

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, when I started running it was with the intention of only running a 5k and checking it off my bucket list. However, it is amazing how dynamic that bucket list can be with a 5k turning into a 10k and then into a ten miler and then to a half and a full and, most recently, turning into a 50k.

With that ever so dynamic runner's bucket list comes a shopping/wish list of wants and needs. Anyone that has ran for any length of time can attest to the fact that the running gear can kind of TAKE OVER your home. Along with the takeover, comes the increased chance for some important item to get left behind the day of a long run. I've run out the door with my fuel belt but no fuel or water pods. I've also ran out the door without my rosary - yes, I run with a rosary tucked away...you know, because the only way that God is going to hear my prayer of "OH MY GOD...PLEASE JUST GET ME THROUGHT THIS RUN" is if I have that. And don't get me started on my list of stuff I must have post run.

As the runs got longer and the amount of stuff I needed/wanted to have increased, I started throwing everything into a bag to grab and go. That bag has taken on a life of its own but has eliminated my need for a pre-run scavenger hunt around the house. It houses all of the essentials, the non-essentials, the just in cases, and the in case of emergencies.

Here's a quick glimpse of what's in what is now referred to as my "Running Bag:"

  • A first aid / foot care kit
  • Allergy meds including my epipen
  • Body Glide 
  • Sun Screen - because, when you go from original to extra crispy in 10 minutes or less you always carry it with you.
  • Baby wipes and deodorant - I volunteer and sometimes run before the race I'm volunteering at. Baby wipes allow for a quick wipe down before volunteering so I'm not stewing in my own funk the entire time.
  • KT Tape and accessories
  • Gear cleaner
  • Endurolytes
  • Toilet paper - again - the bag is stocked for trail runs and road running
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Spi Belts
  • Fuel Belt with water pods
  • Bug spray

Everything packs up nice and neat inside one of my old gym bags and Ribeye, our little Bison Mascot, hangs out on the outside of it for moral support. 

Now I'm only left with figuring out what to wear fore each run but once I'm dressed, I can grab water and my bag and roll out the door.

Do any of you have a running bag? 

6 comments on "It's In the Bag"
  1. Love the quote! You should link this to the Friday Five this week, it's "what's in my gym bag".

    1. Thank you! I'd love to link up. Please share the details.

  2. Baby wipes and Charmin bc you never know!

  3. Baby wipes are such a great idea. They are probably even cheaper than face wipes and can be multi purpose. -L

    1. Totally multi purpose and you can get them at low price. I started using them when I was doing the breast cancer walk every year. Nice to have something tucked away like that for a multitude of reasons.