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Mother Nature Thwarts My Plans - Again!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
So it's Tuesday and I am typically scheduled for my early morning run or what my running buddy, Robinson of Once and Future Runner, refers to as our "pre-dawn silliness." Well, Mother Nature thwarted my plans, yet again, leaving me feeling like a slacker.

Ok...a slacker until I walked out of the house and discovered that my steps were converted into an ice rink which nearly caused me to recreate the scene from Home Alone with the fast track down them.

Crisis averted though and I arrived safely at the bottom of the steps uninjured.

Then there was my car which was encapsulated in ice, sealing all the doors shut with the exception of the hatch back. My neighbor can thank me later for the free entertainment he was provided when I crawled in through the hatch of the CRV and made my way to the front of the vehicle to turn it on and start the thawing process.

New plan...go to work early then hit the gym for treadmill drills and spin.

Love, Theresa
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