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Ramblings: My Feet

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This image came across my Facebook feed the other day and I couldn't help but stop and take a look at my feet.

They are a bit beat up after over two years of running but they tell a story of dedication with a pinch of crazy. 

So at this point I had this meaningful post written about the story my feet tell but let's just be honest -


No seriously, they do and it isn't like they looked great before I started running.

Heredity reeked havoc on them well before my choice in physical activity got to them. Well, heredity and clumsiness. I've broke a number of toes over the years and that has not helped the appearance of my feet whatsoever.

Naturally, there are feet that look far worse than mine, however, my feet have still seen better days.

To begin with, I've got a bunion on each foot - one being worse than the other. Then there is my Morton's toe. For those of you that don't know what that is, it is a hereditary condition that causes the second toe to be longer than the big toe. The fact that I've broken that toe a couple of times has not helped it any and, as a result, it is a quarter inch longer than it used to be.

Next, there are the lovely calluses located on my big toes, end of a few smaller toes, and on the balls of my feet. I have to regularly watch and maintain them; always being careful to not over or under care for them. Doing too little screws with how my foot lands and doing too much leads to blisters under the calluses. Ouch!

Speaking of blisters...

At any given time I can have one or more blisters on my feet. The reasons/causes vary but often it is because of socks, tying my shoes wrong, or experimenting with techniques to prevent other issues.

Typically, if you get blisters you also get the remains of the blister which often don't show up until long after a blister has seemingly vanished. You know..that moment when you step out of the shower to find those weird white patches of dead skin - or what I like to call - THE GHOST OF BLISTERS PAST.  (Make sure you use your deep echoing announcer voice when you say that.)

Source: Kicking it in Korea
Then there are my poor toenails. Some are a bit deformed due to damage to the nail bed. Many of you will be able to relate to that weird post run pain under your nail that leaves you wondering how long it will be before the nail falls off only to be surprised when it does not happen. Of course, what does tend to happen is a change in the thickness and/or texture of the nail.

Lest not forget the nails that have fallen off, which I'm surprised to say have all grown or are in the process of growing back. Either way, I'm patiently waiting for some level of normal to return to them. I am certain that my luck will run out at some point and I won't have the luxury of my nails growing back.  

So to reiterate, my feet look like crap. That is ok because they are mine and they are my record of the dedication and effort put in to each finish line I've crossed and you know what else...

I'm going to continue to have some damn ugly feet.

Until next time, show your feet a little love.

love, Theresa.

Now I'm off to write a letter of apology to the poor woman that does my pedicures. 
4 comments on "Ramblings: My Feet"
  1. My feet don't look bad but oh have they had a tough time! I have hallux limitus (my left big toe joint has stiffness aka arthritis and limited range of motion)--I have had a stress fracture in that joint. It's bothering me right now... Also, I had a stress fracture in my other foot, plantar fasciitis in both, a bone spur...yep my feet really could tell a lot of stories...

    1. Ouchie! The things that we tolerate as runners. I had forgotten all about the arthritis in my feet. Funny thing is it only bothers me when I don't run.

  2. Theresa, for the Morton's toe (which I have as well, never knew it had a name) - it means you are very, very wise and a very evolved human. :)
    I am currently suffering from a heel fracture and "traumatic" plantar fasciitis. It SUCKS to be injured - no running, not even allowed to do the regular stretching they normally tell you to do because it is so bad (and my bad for running all winter on an injury when I could have stayed inside and enjoyed the warmth instead of freezing my @$$ off). Now I am stuck, unable to run when the weather is FINALLY enjoyable. Deep breaths, two weeks down, four to go! I have completely ruined my spring races. Sigh.
    And to think that I was sad when I had lost five toenails (thank goodness for nail polish) and had massive blisters on the bottoms of my feet after North Face a couple years ago. But I will take ugly feet any day over these injuries! Rock your race this weekend! I know you are excited!

    1. Renee..OH NO! I'm so sorry to hear that. UGH! You're right...why not at the end of the season so you can recover over the winter when all us nuts were freezing our assets off. Any chance they'd let you run in a pool? I'm told it is a great substitute and you won't lose fitness?

      As for toenails, it isn't beyond me to slap some lee press on nails on my toes and call it a day. A little glue, a little polish, and good as new.

      You're right...actually getting excited about Blue Ridge. Ten more days! EEK!