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Training with Purpose: The SAID Principle

Friday, April 10, 2015

There are those people that are blissfully happy following a given training plan without question.

Then there’s those other people; the OCD ones. The ones that need to know ALL THE THINGS. They research every website as much as possible to know the hows and the whys.

Yeah, I can relate.

In a resent a conversation with my former training partner, Hope,  I asked how I can get better at running.  Her response, “the SAID Principle.”

SAID: Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands

To put it bluntly;  if you want to get better at running, you just have to run.  

Cross training aside, one will never develop the correct muscle memory, impact adaptions, and body mechanics of running if most of the training time is on an elliptical trainer, spin bike, or the like.

Once you have that basic principle down, it can then translate to a more specific event.

Training for a hot desert marathon?  Then train in hot desert conditions. Our friend Mosi wore layered black sweats with a hood in the heat of the summer when training for Bad Water.

Training for a technical trail race?  Get out on technical trails. 

Doing an obstacle race?  Build up your climbing muscles to get over the walls and ropes.  

Find a place close to you to train and mimic the race scenario as best you can.  It can truly make the difference in your race.

One of my best marathons was finished with a 15 minute PR.  It was a hilly marathon compared to my previous flat races and so I trained with lots of hills.

Likewise, one of my most challenging races was finished with a slower than expected time and was humbled by every bit of elevation change on the race course. This is because I trained primarily on level roads and few hills.

The point: Know the course you are doing and train specifically for it.

So how do you go about your training?

Love, Cindy

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