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Friday Favorite: Brooks Running

Friday, May 1, 2015
In October, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) for the first time. Not only did I want to add the “People’s Marathon” to my bucket list, but I also wanted one of the coveted MCM Brooks racing jackets I had seen other runners wear. This Army Wife hates to admit it, but Marines have a style that is the envy of all military services.

When I got to the expo, I was thrilled about this year’s color and the look of the jacket. It was a must have. I have always been a fan of their running gear. Their Infinity Compression Shorts have been my go-to shorts for a few years.

Sadly, a month after the race the weather became too cold to wear the jacket. I packed away my beloved running jacket away until more favorable weather returned.

Fast forward to March and warmer spring weather! I head out to the store wearing my favorite MCM jacket and realize that I had a good 2 inch seam separation in my right sleeve.

I was devastated! I happen to be online chatting with my partner in crime, Theresa, when I discovered it and I shared my heartbreak. I barely got to wear it! She replied, "hey, give them a call, they have a great reputation for customer service."

I had my doubts. It’s been nearly five months since I bought my jacket, and had little faith in online customer service in general. Despite that, I took my sole sisters advice, contacted a Brooks' customer service representative via an online chat. She sent me a link to fill out a form and said they "will see what they can do”.  Still leery, I fill out the form, attach a picture of the damage and sent it on its way at 10:00 am, March 16th. I then received an automated message saying they got my message and someone will get back to me. I honestly don’t expect to hear from them any time soon as I formulate how I was going to repair my jacket. To my surprise, I got a response at 1:14 PM telling me that they are sending me a replacement and I should get it in 5-7 days. 

Wow! Thank you! (My actual response). They replied immediately saying you’re welcome, included a tracking number and told me there was a surprise headed my way.

Five days later I receive a package in the mail. Not only did they replace my damaged jacket, but they sent me an ADDITIONAL JACKET!!

Wow! I now have one to wear and one to run IN! From call to replacement of what was damaged was a total of FIVE DAYS. I emailed them, thanking them, to which they replied promptly saying they were glad I was happy. 

The company’s customer service and willingness to stand behind their products is more than enough reason to keep Brooks Running as one of my favorite running companies.

Love, Cindy

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