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Today We Run

Monday, May 25, 2015

Today we run. 

Not to train - but to honor our fallen.

We run for those who can't run. We run for the Sons and Daughters who didn't come home. We run for the Daddies and Mommies and the children that will miss them. We run for the favorite Uncles and Aunts who didn't get to go home to their doting Nieces and Nephews.

We run for the Husbands. We run for the Wives. We run for the Spouses that hold their memories close.

We run for the Brothers. We run for the Sisters. We run for the Siblings that go on each day with part of them missing.

We Run!

We run for all of those that made the Ultimate Sacrifice to preserve our Freedoms.

We run because Freedom isn't Free.

~ Theresa

Dedicated to the Men and Women of the American Military who sacrificed everything and the Families that they left behind. 
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