Misadventures with wine, weights, and running shoes.

The Weekly Ramble #2

Thursday, September 24, 2015

What's New:

I have another 18 miles in the books and ten weeks until I hit the trail for a 50k. Crazy - I know. I also can't believe that I'm actually following a 50k training plan that does, in fact, include a 26 mile run which happens to fall right in line with the Marine Corps Marathon.

I also took a much needed break from everything; a little sand and salt water is good for the soul.

Training: Took it easy this week in an effort to get my mind and my body on the same page. It is funny how your body can be ready to go but mental exhaustion can crush your progress.

What I'm Loving: My Alex and Ani Saint Anthony Bracelet.

What I'm Listening to: Morphine - Cure for the Pain

Ridiculous Comment of the Week: "With all that running, I'm surprised you're not smaller." A Verizon Tech

Best Comment of the Week: "Turn off your phone during your work break...the world will continue turning." This was from my co-worker in Utrecht. She was right; the world did keep turning.

My question of the week for you guys: What's the best thing someone has told you this week?

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