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The Weekly Ramble #4: Find Your Fierce

Friday, October 9, 2015

This weekend is the Chicago Marathon and many of my friends and readers will be there. Although I will not be running it with them, I will carry them all in my heart as I run my longest unsupported trail training run; a necessity both mentally and physically. Not to worry though, I've become proficient in supporting myself for 9 miles and load my car up like the Martha Stewart of Aid Stations. If you don't believe me, you can ask Sandy over at So What? I Run. 

Naturally, as with any long distance training run, it is met with apprehension. This is more because of the fact that it is currently raining buckets and not because of the distance. I am anticipating laps that will be far longer than I want in an effort to not slip, slide, and land on my assets in a wet mushy pool of mud - or worse - horse manure. The horses share this trail with bikes, runners, and walkers. 

But enough about the possibility of me falling in horse poop...

What I really want to do is wish each and every one of you that is running the Chicago Marathon the following:

Swift feet and strength of body, mind, and heart. May each of you FIND YOUR FIERCE when you need it most. 

Love you all,

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