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Back at Square One (or Damn My A** Hurts)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015
I've started running again and while it may not be far or fast, I AM running. Naturally, the muscles that I put on a six week vacation are disgruntled - in other words, my ass hurts.

I had forgotten about that feeling. It was one that I had grown accustomed to when I first started running and later forgot about because, as my body adapted, it went away. What is funny, I am glad my ass hurts. I know that I am getting back into a routine and that, thanks to the wonders of muscle memory, I will progress in mileage quickly.
Night view of Baker Park, Frederick, Maryland - right before our run.
Running again isn't my only news. I have also joined a new running club; the Frederick Steeplechasers. The verdict is still out on the club (last night was my first run with them) and I'm impatiently awaiting the announcement of the start of Winter Marathon Training.

Blue Ridge Marathon will be here before I know it.

I originally planned to train so I could run Blue Ridge better in 2016. Now I'm hoping I just finish it. Six weeks off is detrimental to you mindset that way. That mindset should turn itself around once I am more rooted into a routine that includes both running and cross training.

Speaking of "cross training," I still am trying to figure out a cross training option. I've reached out to a couple of Crossfit Boxes and am trying to be patient considering it is the holiday season. Isn't this the time of year to boost membership though? Oh well - maybe crossfit doesn't operate that way.

Until next time, run happy - Love, Theresa.
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