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Returning to Blue Ridge

Thursday, January 14, 2016

If you had asked me five years ago if I wanted to run the Blue Ridge Marathon, I would have laughed at you and questioned your sobriety. Five years ago, however, I was not a runner. Today is a much different story.

I have run, want to run, and love the Blue Ridge Marathon.

Whether it is full marathon, half marathon, or Star 10k (which I am planning to run one day just because I want the medal,) this challenging race is well worth the time and effort put into training for it. It is an event that, for me at least, I try to embrace fully - even going as far as volunteering the Friday before the race.

Last year, I had the privilege of  being one of the official bloggers for the event. It was an incredibly motivating and rewarding experience that gave me the opportunity, not only to run the race, but to meet some incredible people. You can catch more on that here.

Naturally, when the Blue Ridge Marathon race organizers announced their search for 2016 race ambassadors, I all but jumped up and down waiving a hand in the air and shouting "me, me - pick me!" Shortly before the holidays, the acceptance email landed in my inbox and I was ecstatic. Sure, had a lot of training ahead of me - even more considering I'd taken time off from training all together - but this was my favorite race.

I can and will make it happen.

This year, Blue Ridge Marathon is exploring what #ToughIs; a topic that holds as many varied responses as there are people that run the race. For me, it can change daily - if not hourly or by the mile.

Right now, my #ToughIs embracing my new normal and letting go of the what was as I work towards what could be.

Now, I want to know what your #ToughIs. Share it in the comments here or on the facebook page.

Love, Light, Kettle Bells, and Running Shoes,


Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  As a race ambassador, Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon provided me with a free entry into the Marathon, along with my packet goodies.  Hotel accommodations, travel, and other expenses related to the race were paid by me and as always, the opinions are 100% my own.
2 comments on "Returning to Blue Ridge"
  1. I'm with you. My #ThoughIs changes daily. But I guess training for speed is really what's getting me this time around. I was a happy turtle, but now I need to be the fierce hare.

    1. You are already fierce, my friend!!