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Sox Boxican and Ambassador Announcement

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Last March, I purchased my very first pair of The Sox Box socks as a part of a St Patty’s 5K run in Baltimore. Theresa, had directed me to the site which had a plethora of fun and sassy socks for all occasions. I got the “lucky ones”.

In the fall, my Cross Fit adventures lead me to investing in a few pairs, not only to protect my shins during box jumps and rope climbs. I also used them during a fall 50K.

Not long ago, I spotted my CrossFit Coach, Vanessa, wearing some and commented how much I loved them. She disclosed that she was the east coast Distributor for Sox Box and to let her know when I needed more. How AWESOME is that? Then, recently, she told me that The Sox Box was starting an Ambassador Program and I practically jumped up and down saying “Ohhh Pick me! Pick me!” I went home and applied that day.

I was very fortunate to be selected. EEEK!

The Sox Box is an amazing company. Not only does it make fun, cool, and functional socks and apparel in the USA, they also donate to worthy causes:

“The Sox Box has teamed up with a number of organizations who do wonderful work and need Sox to show it! We will always maintain our commitment of 20% of non-designated sock line proceeds to the Independence Fund along with designating 20% of designated lines donated for a cause. We are honored to have formed great alliances with organizations that help raise funds, awareness and spread the words (the Sox words) of their valuable contribution back to the world.”

I love their products and their commitment to giving back. I am proud to be a Sox Boxican and Ambassador!

Use the code GBCONQUER to receive 10% off your order! Click HERE
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To learn more about the Charities The Sox Box supports click here: The Sox Box Charity Overview

Follow them:

on Facebook: HERE
on Twitter: HERE
on Instagram: HERE

Love, Cindy.

Little Rock Marathon or the Race with the Big A** Medal

Thursday, February 11, 2016
In the spring after I started running, I started following the blog, Run with Jess. She's an upbeat running mom with a huge following. The post that initially got my attention was her race recap of the Little Rock Marathon (check it out here); not because of the post (which was great) but because of this picture:

Credit: Run With Jess

Seriously!!! Look at the size of THAT MEDAL!!! If there was ever a reason to run for the bling, this was it. Unfortunately, I was only an aspiring 10k runner and had ZERO desire to run a marathon. 

Well, I thought I had zero desire to run a marathon...

Fast forward to the Marine Corps Marathon Expo this past October (what would be my third marathon at that point). Guess who was there!!!  

Little Rock Marathon was!!! and they brought THIS...

a medal the size of my head!!!  

So I tweeted them and said, "Hey! I want to write about you guys!" and they said, "OK!" 

and now I'm like 24 days away from having my very own Little Rock Marathon medal. What is even better, I get to ambassador for them and write ALL ABOUT IT!!!  ACK!!!!

Funny...something that I never thought I'd be doing but am less than a month away from. I can't wait.

Love, Light, Kettle Bells, and Running Shoes,

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  As a race ambassador, Little Rock Marathon provided me with a free entry into the Marathon, along with my packet goodies.  Hotel accommodations, travel, and other expenses related to the race were paid by me and as always, the opinions are 100% my own.