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Little Rock Marathon or the Race with the Big A** Medal

Thursday, February 11, 2016
In the spring after I started running, I started following the blog, Run with Jess. She's an upbeat running mom with a huge following. The post that initially got my attention was her race recap of the Little Rock Marathon (check it out here); not because of the post (which was great) but because of this picture:

Credit: Run With Jess

Seriously!!! Look at the size of THAT MEDAL!!! If there was ever a reason to run for the bling, this was it. Unfortunately, I was only an aspiring 10k runner and had ZERO desire to run a marathon. 

Well, I thought I had zero desire to run a marathon...

Fast forward to the Marine Corps Marathon Expo this past October (what would be my third marathon at that point). Guess who was there!!!  

Little Rock Marathon was!!! and they brought THIS...

a medal the size of my head!!!  

So I tweeted them and said, "Hey! I want to write about you guys!" and they said, "OK!" 

and now I'm like 24 days away from having my very own Little Rock Marathon medal. What is even better, I get to ambassador for them and write ALL ABOUT IT!!!  ACK!!!!

Funny...something that I never thought I'd be doing but am less than a month away from. I can't wait.

Love, Light, Kettle Bells, and Running Shoes,

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  As a race ambassador, Little Rock Marathon provided me with a free entry into the Marathon, along with my packet goodies.  Hotel accommodations, travel, and other expenses related to the race were paid by me and as always, the opinions are 100% my own.
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