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Little Rock Marathon Pt 2

Friday, March 25, 2016
We pick up where we left off, the Saturday before the Marathon and not long after the 5k. We needed lunch and when our first choice proved fruitless (we got tired of waiting), we continued up the street to a restaurant called The Root Cafe. It was a small, no frills, order your food and grab a seat kind of place. We loved it.

While standing in line we met Lucas, an incredibly nice guy that was in town to run the marathon and cross Arkansas off his list. Lucas, as far as we're concerned, is awesome.

Once lunch was done, we walked around town a bit more before heading to the hotel and later to dinner. You know that whole rule about taking it easy the day before the marathon? Well, we managed to walk something like 10 miles.  Oops.

The Marathon

Marathon morning we headed to bag drop in the VIP area. It is a perk that you are actually able to add to your registration and judging by the spread they put on, well worth it.

Some quick carbs and a bathroom stop behind us, we made our way to race start. Cindy gave me a quick hug before heading to her corral. I proceeded further along. Leave it to me to find the grumpy corral. Seriously, I have never been in such a disgruntled corral before.

Lucky for me, the race started shortly after and I could actually run away from all the bad mojo.

Now, I could give you a mile by mile play by play but there is only one problem, there isn't a lot to tell. The early part of the race was pretty relaxed and easy going. Somewhere between miles four and five I ran into "Manure Mile." No really. They labeled it and all.

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Appropriately, there were bathrooms. We also passed Little Rock Central High School (he first high school to become integrated,) the Governor's mansion (he stood outside and waved at the runners,) and the First United Methodist Church. The last one proved to be special for me.

A priest stood out side in full robes showering runners in holy water and offering blessings. The good Roman Catholic girl that resides within me made the sign of the cross upon approaching and, as if choreographed, the priest and those with him sang praises and amens as holy water rained over me. Just like that I burst into tears as if the hand of God actually reach down and smacked me.

I then proceeded to explain to other runners that I was fine and yes I realize that I'm not even half way and yes I know it is too soon to be losing it and that most runners don't have some kind of emotional breakdown until mile 16 or so.

and then this happened...

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For a split second I considered going right. A few miles later, I really wished I had. You see, there is this long section of out and back on the back half of the race. Those of us that were new to Little Rock, were hopeful that the "riverfront" would be scenic. I can assure you, it isn't!

My one saving grace on this journey, was meeting this incredible young woman named, Renea. She hit the wall and I saw it. So, I introduced her to Galloway. Funny, I don't even think she helped me as much as I helped her. My body was doing great, it was my mind that was struggling. I really don't do well with complete boredom. It was nice to have some good conversation for a few miles to help forget where we were and what we were doing.

I lost Renea for a bit when I made a pit stop and found the wall myself.

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I spent the subsequent miles complaining to myself about the fact that I was bored out of my mind and that my butt, was in fact, killing me. I had made a reference on Instagram about this race being a crossfit WOD that I was naming, "THE 26.2 CHIPPER." There was more truth to this that I realized as I chipped away at the miles.

Close to the end, I found Renea again. We ran the last stretch together and got to see each other finish and get our medals. She is someone I hope to stay in touch with so I can here how she's making out on her goal of 30 marathons before she turns 30.

Cindy and I caught back up with each other, hit the VIP Perk area - wow the food - grabbed our bags, and headed to the main area to catch Lucas. We chatted for a bit before he had to roll out after his family arrived and found that the bulk of the food was already gone. This was at like the six hour point of an eight our marathon.

So how does this race rate for me? Well, lets start with...

The bad.

As aforementioned, they either ran out of or put away the food at around the six hour point of a race with an eight hour cut off. As far as I am concerned, your slower runners are just as important as your average and fast ones The same finishers items should be made to the ate comers as the early ones. In fact, they should be celebrated for possessing such tenacity.  

The good.

The medal is at the top of this list. Seriously, it is what brought me here and it makes up for the course, which was mind numbingly boring on the back half.

The next good, the finish area was in the convention center. It was nice to know that in the event of inclement weather, we could take cover inside rather stand outside as is typical for these events.

Another good, there are plenty of hotels close to the convention center and pretty much everything was a short walk away.

Lastly, the VIP Perks are worth the money. You get great post race food and beverages, a live band, and some pretty cool people to chat with.

...and did I mention the medal. It is bigger than the crossfit logo on my tshirt.

So I guess the big question is, would I do it again? Well today I am saying, "no," but that will probably change once I get my running legs back and regain the fitness I lost during my recent move. Naturally, it may also change after I see what the theme for 2017 is. Medals kill brain cells...especially big ones. Size does matter.

Ok Arkansas, I have crossed both you and "a medal as big as my butt" off my bucket list. Up next, Blue Ridge and to figure out what other states I am hitting next.

Until next time,

Love, Light, Kettle Bells, and Running Shoes,

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As a race ambassador, Little Rock Marathon provided me with a free entry into the Marathon, along with my packet goodies. Hotel accommodations, travel, and other expenses related to the race were paid by me and as always, the opinions are 100% my own.
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  1. Woah, they have set up the target to the higher number, and good to see that people are still participating. Such a great marathon it was.