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Twenty-one Weeks to Blue Ridge

Monday, November 28, 2016

There are twenty-one weeks left until the Blue Ridge Marathon. Not that I am counting or anything, but that is about five months. It seems like a lot of time. It really isn't.

Since I last wrote, I had a minor glitch in my MCM running plans - i.e. I did not run it due to a communication glitch that cost me my entry. Cest la vie.

The error did, however, result in a not so temporary loss of sanity that is leading me to enter into a maintenance mode of sorts; cycling through 12 to18-mile runs to maintain a long distance base. "Why," you ask? Well, that is a bit of a secret but if you pay attention to my social media pages, you may pick up on why.

So now what??

Obviously, I am starting to take training seriously and that is kind of craptastic with the Holidays being here. Sorry, Theresa's Toll House Bakery is going to be closed for the season. That means no cookies, fudge, or other baked evils. Your butts can thank me later. That also means no late nights at Holiday shindigs. Alright, maybe that is just me trying to avoid buying a new dress this season.

Beyond that, the goals are about the same as before but the abbreviated version is as follows:

1. Training consistency
2. Lose more weight
3. Eat clean
4. Go to crossfit
5. Sleep

Enough about me...

I can spend all day talking about how much I love the Blue Ridge Marathon and why most of my goals each year have revolved around it but seeing is believing. To that end, I am holding a giveaway for one entry to the Blue Ridge Marathon distance of your choice. This is for a race entry only and does not include travel or lodging.

Enter below and leave me a comment on what you are training for this winter or a new idea for a blog post.

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[Disclosure: I was given a Blue Ridge Marathon entry through my the Blue Ridge Official Blogger program in exchange for promoting the event. As always, my thoughts and opinions are completely my own].