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I’ve got 52.4 problems but a hill ain’t one. #1

Monday, January 2, 2017

I’ve got 52.4 problems but a hill ain’t one. Committing to 52.4 miles is a problem but not hills.

I have been tossing an idea around for a while. I told friends about it. Spoke at length about it during weekend runs and CrossFit. Messaged veteran runners about it. Hell, I have even been training for it.

Still, I refused to commit. I just could not bring myself to update my Blue Ridge Race registration from "Marathon" to "Double Marathon." Instead, I promised myself that I would change my registration after my first 30 mile run in March.

Then I woke up after having slept through yet another New Year’s celebration and said, “F*** It!”

The reality is, I have been a bit gun shy after my failed attempt at a 50k. Rolling my ankle during the event crushed me. I had planned to revisit 50k in November of 2015 but I got sick. I was actually happy about that. You can not get a DNF (Did Not Finish) if you DNS (Did Not Start.) Rather than 'finding my fierce,' I let my cat bury it in the litter box.

Gary "Lazarus Lake" Cantrell, race director for The Barkley Marathons (watch the movie if you haven't already), said:
"You can't accomplish anything without the possibility of failure."
He's right. There is little satisfaction in a sure thing and this race is far from a sure thing. Blue Ridge Double Marathon here I come.

Until next time...

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3 comments on "I’ve got 52.4 problems but a hill ain’t one. #1"
  1. That 50k will always be ingrained in my memory. I so wish I could be there for you when you accomplish this crazy and amazing task! Proud of you. Sending you good wishes always!

    1. <3 Thank you!! Gonna be a wild ride on the road to 50 miles.

  2. and you will crush it! <3