Misadventures with wine, weights, and running shoes.


I'm 43 and still trying to figure out how that happened. In November of 2013 I made the decision to knock an item off my bucket list - Run a 5k. Being the overweight teenager that couldn't even run a lap around a track, a 5k was a big deal. So that December, I took part in a couch to 5k training program and on February 9th, 2013 I ran my first 5k and finished...with a sprained ankle. Ok, I didn't mention that I am also hard headed. Since then, I've completed six half marathons, three full marathons, and aspiring to complete my first ultra

I started this blog to document my misadventures in running, fitness, health, and life in general. I have no idea where this journey will take me, but I consider myself incredibly blessed to have the love and support of my amazing family and friends. 

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I am a 42 year old Army Wife and Mom to two beautiful kids.  I grew up most of my life playing sports but when I became a nurse, shift work, school, and life took over and I fell off the fitness and health bandwagon. Once I became a mom, I started going back to the gym to lose the baby weight and for a social outlet. In no time at all, I got hooked on group fitness.  I did not want to be the patients I took care of in the ICU or fall prey of my strong family history of heart disease and leave my family at an early age.  The fitness bug bit me hard, and have been teaching group fitness for more than 10 years.  Running isn’t something I started doing until 2006 and went from a cross training tool for my classes to my main passion with my group fitness being my cross training.

Running is my outlet and my therapy.  It has helped me learn a lot about myself and who I want to be.  It has allowed me to meet many extraordinary people, see amazing things and reach milestones seemingly unthinkable less than 10 years ago.  As of this post, I’ve completed 33 races, including 6 marathons and 8 half marathons to include the Dopey Challenge 2014 which included 4 races over 4 days and 48.6 miles total.  I have 15 races scheduled this calendar year to include the Marine Corps Marathon and the Rosaryville 50K Ultra as two things I wanted checked off my bucket list.  I want to inspire my family to live healthy and find their own passions.  I want others to know that no one can define your goals and passions but you.   You don’t have to allow anyone to tell you that you can or can’t do something.  If you can think it and you want it, you can find a way to achieve it.  That when you love and make yourself a priority, you unconsciously allow others to do the same.  This is how I believe you can truly make a difference in the lives of all those around you.   I have no idea where this will lead me, but I am going to enjoy every moment along the way.

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